The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Boracay 2012: Part III –white café, white beach and one big TY Astoria!

The night before our last daytime in Boracay it rained heavily as if there was a storm at the peak of summer. Leoncio was even joking about tsunami hitting the island. Oh my, he’s thoughts were all party pooper. 😦

We started the day early like our first day; breakfast at White Café was inviting and rousing my senses steadily. I am going to miss it.

On our second and last day these were the breakfast fare we had,


Bread and more bread, I love to start my day with soft rolls, wheat slice, butter and marmalade. 🙂

A hot and hearty bowl of arrozcaldo was a favorite, sprinkled it with garlic and spring onion –perfect!

An entrée of goodness –tocino, pork adobo and Salisbury steak

Paired with rich Filipino chocolate (tablea)


I didn’t skip the omelette, it was better than the previous day but I wasn’t satisfied still. Then another set of bread, French toast with tocino on the side and some potato wedge.

Nanay and I didn’t end breakfast just like that; my DIY salad was a hit.

Sorry but that’s how big we eat. 😀

Following breakfast, Nanay decided to remain the comfort of our hotel room while Leoncio and I stayed at the scene to savor the warmth of the sun…

And took more photos to take home.

I can’t get enough of Astoria’s backdrop.

Never mind the scorching heat of the sun, we walked our way until the tip of Station 1 hoping for some tan lines to be visible later on, in which I failed. 😦

But the bliss of getting around the White Beach was priceless especially with the person you dear most.

The scenes I love,

A white couple after getting hitched, just happily married under the sun.

An older couple spending everyday like it was the last; I would love to be like them when we grow old. Gutsy enough to wear the two-piece suit. 🙂

Our footprints on the sand, his and hers.

My attempt to jump was a miss; I realized I am a bad jumper after all.

While Leoncio did it like a pro, with stance and style and in colors of the sea.

On our way back to Astoria, I can’t help but noticed the algae once more. They remained thick in the shoreline but nonetheless despite Boracay’s flaws the island will remain a paradise to its visitors.

We were shortly backed in Astoria by 10am, and spent another hour lounging at the pool.

You know I am no swimmer but I can always pretend to be one. 😀

I requested for a late checkout but the hotel was so busy with guests coming in consistently.

Everything will be missed, so, we didn’t let go of the time just like that. A photo on every corner of our room was shot as if we didn’t want to move out.

The last few minutes of our Astoria stay.

When it’s finally time, we had no choice but to walk off and get ready. Checkout was another breeze!

Thank you to Astoria Boracay for our wonderful stay! Truly it was a grand vacay! 🙂

While the Jetty Port is a trike away, we decided to walk back at D’Mall to kill time. Our transfer to Kalibo was scheduled late that afternoon so decided to stay in D’Mall and people watch. 🙂

I got a treat from Leoncio; my favorite crepe was in town –Crazy Crepes.

Sorry guys I can’t share you some, I finished my Mango Crumble in no time.

The long wait was not sitting all along; Leoncio grabbed me excitedly as we walked together at Epic Bar. The sight of sexy stars thrilled him. Who can’t be if Sam Pinto is around?

Males and more males flocked the place. Oh no, we didn’t lined up for autograph.

It was past 3pm when we left D’Mall, look at Nanay at the Jetty Port she can’t get over those pasalubongs.

Our seamless travel to Kalibo will end this post.

Our stay in Kalibo will follow, swing back again…


P.S. I have to thank Hit A Bargain! a million times for running the Astoria promo. This couldn’t be possible if not for your generosity!



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