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Ilocos 2012: Black Saturday

Probably one of the busiest days of the year when many people go on holiday is the day after Good Friday. And for most Catholic devotees that observe complete silence prelude to this day, going out and having a little fun wouldn’t harm. I know some even feast as this mean the end of fasting for them. 😀

While we decided to give the beach a visit to wash out the sticky feel brought by the summer season, we found it as a reasonable flight once again. The closest beach was in La Union and it’s a good one hour drive without stop, so to avoid the hassle of road construction along the main highway we took the interior roads from Bangar. Glad that we discover this route last year when we visited the town of Luna.

We made a stopover at Our Lady of Namacpacan Church to utter a little prayer and for our company to sightsee the place.

Like last year we took with us water from the said miraculous water well at the rear side of the church.

From the town of Luna, we passed by the interior barangays of Baloan and Bacnotan. If you’re driving at the right direction, you’ll passed by the manufacturing plant of Holcim. From Bacnotan exit, San Juan would be a few more minutes.

The coastline of San Juan, La Union is always welcoming because of its long and wide beach area that I see is perfect for beach bummers like me, hehehe. Now, I’m silly again because I am no swimmer and would never be, probably on my next life I hope I would be.

San Juan Beach is known for its consistent intermediate quality surf and is blessed with two seasons from July to October and November to March and is one of the most popular surfing destinations in the Philippines. Talks about Luke Landrigan, I always love the sight of him even if he’s not riding the waves. Sadly, he was out of my sight during our visit. 😦

Anyway, the happiest during our beach outing was none other than our 4 year old Lab –Bea of course!

She was animated to test to the seawater right away as it’s like her first to see one.

She can’t be stopped from chasing the waves even if the latter keeps on washing her away.

And comparable to her visits to the parks, she would slow down and say hi to her kind.

She would always be a baby for us despite her huge size now and I would always be the protective “Mom” to keep her away from harm.


While “Dad” remains to be her playfellow all the time. 🙂

These are what we call moments that we truly treasure because Bea played a big role on it.

And I know it’s now going to be forever this way, like those footprints on the sand they would be wipe out soon on this earth but not in our hearts. Awe!

Oh my, I don’t know why I would always end up emotive every time Bea is concern; perhaps it’s a natural feeling after all.

Meanwhile, the rest of our human companion happily enjoyed the big slapped of waves.

But not including my BIL who remained dry and content from watching us from afar.

On occasion, I saw him dipped one time but not to take the plunge rather to capture the happy face of his other half. 🙂

We wanted to stay until sundown to witness the orange-filled sky but thinking that it would mean to walk 3kms again, it’s too much sacrifice. Like I mentioned on my previous post, the river was not passable and public transport was not 24 hours, so we need to catch at least one trike that would fetch us  back home.

Arriving shortly, we had dinner right away and settle down. We were supposed to walk down at the plaza to witness this year’s coronation of Queen and Princesses however, we all felt heavy and immovable from our beds. Hay! We retire too early on Black Saturday missing something big.

Governor Chavit’s appearance this year at the coronation night was a big surprise, and we missed it! Unlike last year, we stayed until nearly midnight waiting for his attendance but went home disappointed. I am not a big fan of him, but once in a while I want to witness how these celebrated politicians immerse themselves to the voting public. I wonder if he noticed the need for a concrete bridge so people from barangay Bio and Ambalayat would have a convenient means of transportation especially during the rainy months.


P.S. While husband was blaming me about not witnessing the Governor’s coming, Manong was blaming his wife about his absence on the dance floor. He went home with leather shoes on his luggage just so he can join the seniors 🙂  dance balse once again. Until your next home coming Manong 😀




5 responses to “Ilocos 2012: Black Saturday

  1. docgelo April 16, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    bea had fun! …the thought made me smile too! 🙂

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