The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Chooks to Go now on brown paper bag

On weeknights that I am too lazy to cook because I stepped out late at work, Leoncio and I would decide to dine somewhere else or take out something for dinner. But dining out cannot be the option mostly and a chicken dinner is very welcome.

Anyhow, we’ve tried almost all roasted chicken players in town and we kept coming back to only one. Ever since our discovery of Chooks to Go, we don’t want any more roasted chicken around our dinner table. We’re literally hooked with Chooks! How can anyone not be when even the healthy chicken part is flavorful?

Chooks to Go is now packed on brown paper bag!

Okay, probably you’re wondering where the hell is that chicken picture, it’s here. 😀  And I am not going to brag anymore how tasty this chicken is, rather I would give credit on its new packaging. Actually, I am not so sure how new it is but the store near us just recently makes use of it.

With reheating tips and everything you need to know. Isn’t it great that Chooks to Go is becoming earth friendly?

I hope more and more businesses will observe this plastic-less drive even without the city ordinance. I salute you Chooks! 🙂




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