The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Spike’s Frozen Treats

The sun on my face at 8am is throbbing and humid mid-afternoons are stressing, I guess whether I like it or not I have to embrace the truth that the warmness of summer is already here. And yes, it’s March 1 today, the official start of the summer month. Now, would that make me happy? 🙂

For me the best way to cool down during these months aside from Tagaytay, the beach, Baguio, frap, is to keep a regular stock of ice cream in your fridge. It’s the least expensive that you can enjoy every day!

Well, that makes me remember Spike’s Frozen Treats, which Leoncio and I sampled two weeks ago while wandering at the big mall. Aside from being famished, we felt sticky after going around, so, when we saw almost everyone in our direction was enjoying a cone of ice cream we immediately locate the stall.

Spike’s Frozen Treats offers not only ice creams, they have fraps, sundaes, blends and ice drinks to suit your liking. Leoncio and I decided to get ice cream cones only.

For P20, we got to enjoy this cold treat! It’s sweeter than what I expected and melts easily so you have to eat it fast to avoid the messy feel.

On the final note, yes it’s cheap –would you care about? I would still go for the big bucks! 😀



Spike’s Frozen Treats
SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City


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