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34th, the I_S way?

Yesterday, I was fortunate to be part of the party as the company I worked marked its 34th Anniversary. Privileged because this will be the first year (in my 12 years) that the company will not celebrate as grand as the previous years. I don’t know why it has to be like that, when in fact the company is doing well. Anyway, I don’t want to drag any issue here, probably I am just taken by this new adjustment yet again.

West Side Grill, Wack Wack Golf and Country Club

I just have to be thankful that as part of the management team, I was given this opportune. And the chanced to witness as two of my colleague went up stage to receive their tenure awards.

Kudos to Mang Celso and Atoy for the recognition given to you!

Down to three more years this April, sana abutin ko din ‘to…

And C and I was eyewitness (dakilang tagapalakpak in short 🙂 )

A simple yet filling mid-afternoon snack was served for all invitees to enjoy. My plate doesn’t look so decent because of the carbo I overload on it, hehehe. I don’t look so hungry but I fork even up to the last bit of that baked pasta. 😛

Well, I couldn’t pass on dessert. Though the choice was limited, it was delectable. I love that small piece of cheesecake, it was so smooth!

Photo op with the ex-boss 😀

The event was momentary, no fuss unlike those celebrations before. I had a little thought as this event come to an end.  Will this going to be the trend for the coming years? I’m not insinuating on something, I am just mulling over that this is not a good sign to start the year. Not a good vibes probably for someone like me who look after rewards rather than recognition. Sorry, I am just being honest to what I really care for.

Well, until next year (?) 🙂


*Photos from my old Sony cam


just another letter for Bei

Dear Bunso,

Momi and Dadi cannot visit you again this weekend in Lolo and Lola’s house because Dadi had commitments on Saturday (following his boss absence –travel abroad), so, we have no choice but to spend another weekend away from you. Sorry dearie, sigh! Nonetheless, despite of our physical separation I never stop thinking about you. How you do? How were your meals? Are you behaving well? Dadi misses you too during our sleeps.

Last Sunday, Dadi and I were out in the big mall and I thought of you so much, so, we visited your favorite store and bought you something.

Ezy Dog Harness (finally nabili na ni Momi for your Ilocos trip), Vitality Lamb and Beef and milk-flavored treat for you and Ate Shen to share

See, Momi had something for you bunso!

Momi can’t wait to be home again and spend more cuddling and playing and sleeping with you. Please be good and stay as adorable as always. Listen to Ate Lisa, when she says Bei it’s enough, okay? 😀


P.S. Ask Ate Shen what does she like on her birthday so we can get it for her soon…


Yakimix Sushi•Smokeless Grill•Restaurant

Husband and I are big-eaters the reason why a buffet (eat-all-you-can) type would always end as our preference more than a fine ding restaurant. Aside from its fixed price, the selections are extensive and often the range of cuisine can be eclectic.

Sunday, while still in MOA and after the Ferris wheel ride, husband was complaining that we haven’t eaten anything decent that day. Truly because the lunch place I picked for Sunday was closed and we only had German sausages while going around the travel fair. Oh, we had cheap ice creams too. 🙂 So, we’re determined to get a good meal for dinner. I suggested Buffet 101, which had good reviews but because I don’t exactly know its exact location we walked the wrong way and going back was no longer our option so we tried our chance at Yakimix despite the long queue of people outside. We will be listed #33 if we are so willing to wait. You think I can wait that long? No! We left and decided to drive away at MOA grounds.

Well, we always love Makati ambiance and fortunately there’s a Yakimix branch at Greenbelt 3. I went ahead to check if we can get a seat right away and happily I was listed #3. And even before husband gets to the parking area I was already guided to our table.

Yakimix tagline Sushi-Smokeless Grill enthuse me as this would be Leoncio’s first time to eat and grill at the same time.  I was happy too that we were seated near the buffet tables as it would be easy for us to refills. 🙂  There was a good assortment of appetizer, salad, entrée and dessert of course.

Our feast,

The fare I picked from the Japanese station –different maki rolls, sashimi, salmon and shrimp tempura.

I went back for the second time to get more of that crispy shrimp tempura

From the raw section, Leoncio and I shared this portion –thin slices of red meat, salmon, shrimp (suahe), and cuttlefish meat.  


And more –bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms, the other one with carrot, cucumber and I guess its onion? We also had some spiced spareribs and squids.


And the gripping piece of our dining experience, the grilling part. 😀

Think Leoncio is enjoying it very much because back home he says, he’s not enjoying grilling alone (remember NY and my Birthday when he was assigned to grill the baby back ribs, hehehe). He loves grilling and eating at one fell swoop!

I ate those meat slices ala-Korean style bulgogi –wrapped in lettuce and dipped is sate sauce!

I can’t remember how many times we went back at the raw section for shrimps and squids! It was so sulit! By the way, we didn’t touch any from the cooked portion.


From the dessert station, we ended our dinner with these –leche plan, cheesecake, fruit tart, mini-choco cupcake, strawberry mousse.

Fresh Fruits –watermelon, oranges and pineapple

And DIY Halo-Halo! They also had Selecta ice creams and green salad station, and cakes from Red Ribbon.

Leoncio washed down with his blue Lemonade while I had soda.

I was so full, probably the same feeling I had when we dined at Spirals last year. And it would be a lesson all over again for me, never eat buffet during dinner time. It wasn’t meant! Hay!

Because Yakimix didn’t disappoint me (not a little), we could go sometime again probably after the lent is over. And Yakimix had wonderful service to account, attentive wait staffs, fast refills and comfortable setting aside from its being smokeless.

However, I find the buffet price a little pricey for me during weekends. 😐


—————————————————————————————————————————————————- 🙂

3F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center
Makati City
T.  +632 4755153 to 54



the expo and the eye

Sunday was tangled as I recall it following a conflict of schedule over the weekend. Let me recap the happenings, husband and I left the house passed 12 noon and drive towards San Antonio Village in Makati. The point of our visit, the thought of a Bulalo house sitting on that neighborhood has been haunting me for days now, so, I thought yesterday would be the feat of that craving. Since it was like a hole-in-the-wall kind of eatery, finding it wasn’t easy but since we’re both familiar with the area we found it after one wrong turn. 🙂 Because it was Sunday I thought the vibes outside is normal, husband said it’s closed. I didn’t believe easily so he had to check it absolutely, only to upset me once more. 😦  Okay, I’m sorry but I have to withhold the name of it first, I’ll save everything soon as I succeed next week. 😛

Even if we were both famished and disappointed we decided to drive in MOA for our late lunch. Besides, we need to check the travel fair at SMX.

Yes, we peep in at the 19th Travel Tour Expo 2012 with high hopes that we could score a discounted airfare for May or June.

Even though the event was on its last day, the crowd was unbearable. Well for me, it was because I hate long lines. We pass over PAL’s booth and went ahead to look for the budget airlines location. We first stopped at Cebu Pacific and found out that the promo they offer is very similar to the web promo I checked days ago. I don’t remember what the lowest offer of Zest Air was; certainly it wasn’t even good too.

We tried our luck in Airphil Express booth, at P488 only to any Visayas destination; I find it as the cheapest. But considering it’s a one way fare only, I had second thoughts and find it pricey considering its still exclusive of Government Taxes and Surcharges. You see, I’m getting four tickets this time, so, I really need a very good deal. Now, I regret not booking last two weeks ago when I chanced a web promo. It was only P3, 999.00 all in for four. Sigh!

I was tempted to book an international flight but I managed to control myself, this can wait until the next travel sale. 🙂

We left SMX feeling a little distress because that means I need to watch out web promos from time to time. Since, we’re already in MOA grounds; I asked husband if we could take a look around. We stopped by some shops, bought something for Bea and Ate Shen, we ate ice creams and we ride the Eye!

I dragged husband to ride this Ferris wheel in spite of his hesitation and alibis. Accounted as the tallest and biggest Ferris wheel in the Philippines, MOA Eye was constructed at San Miguel by the Bay. Although it opened a month ago, there are still plenty of people lining up to experience how it’s like 180ft above.

The ticket is P150, be sure to read the fun and safety rules before you consider riding the Eye. Each gondola can accommodate a maximum of 6-persons and minimum of 4-persons. And since we cannot meet the least number of passengers we joined in another couple.

All 36-gondolas has air-condition installed inside giving a cooler temperature. And the duration of the ride is estimated between 10-15 minutes only. I was expecting that it’s like EK’s Ferris wheel which goes around in several turns but it wasn’t. It’s just one complete turn so husband and I quickly took turns in shooting from end-to-end.

Proof that I’m not afraid of heights 😀

Pretending his not afraid, hehehe…

our shaky photo op

We even managed to have a couple photo even without the aid of our gondola-mates. Actually, we shy away of asking them to take our photo because they seem to be a very quite couple, which is very unlikely for their tender age. Kami pa ang nahiya, hehehe. 😀

I forgot to use my cam phone for the panoramic view but still fortunate to capture Manila Bay.

Probably I won’t give MOA Eye a second ride unless they extend the duration of the ride.

Btw, there are VIP gondolas (these are the tinted ones) which can be rented for a date or dinner. I didn’t bother to ask the rates. 😐

To others, the best view is at night because it’s lighted and would be the perfect spot to witness the fireworks every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I don’t know but I still prefer riding it during daytime, so, I can see the 360 degree view of Metro Manila.

Dreaming of Singapore Flyer or the London Eye, experience the thrill with our very own MOA Eye.  

No, I don’t want another kiddie ride ‘ney! 😀

Okay, after husband give in to my humming about the Ferris wheel ride, it’s time to feed him. 🙂  We tried to get a seat at a buffet resto in MOA however, we were listed #33! We left and decide to drive away, we found ourselves in Makati savoring the same flavors of seafood and meat!

To be continued…



Chef Bowl Specials Oriental Beef

Back to my Piltel days, Chowking is a favorite hangout place of our group (my Piltea family) because they operate 24 hours daily. And they serve really good and affordable breakfast meal to account. Several years after, I stopped eating at Chowking because the food is always a disappointment and it became overpriced. 😦

Just recently husband and I decided to try Chowking yet again for dinner because we don’t have anything cooked at home. And like the usual, ordering is a little hard for me, I don’t know why (?). So, I was dogged to get a bowl of soup only –Beef Wanton, until I’ve seen their Chef Bowl Specials. For P79 person only, I find it inexpensive this time.

I choose the Oriental Beef over the Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl. My first impression, the serving size is big and it perfectly depicts the colors it had on their menu board. Walang daya ika nga, what you see is what you get! And I am happy for it. 🙂

The taste test, it had the oriental flavors though a little weak it was just fine for me. The beef slices are tender and the veggies are not overcooked. I only wish they would add more veggies on it. Well, I don’t mind going back to Chowking these days for this filling Chinese Feast in a Bowl. 🙂


———————————————————————————————————————————————- 😛
Maysilo Circle, Mandaluyong City


see you soon Bora

Ever since I got hold of the announcement about my winning of the Astoria Boracay Accommodation last December, I’ve been itching to write the details of it but I held and waited until I got hold of the confirmation. I don’t want a last-minute spoiler so I have to keep my mouth shut and wait for the right timing. At long last, I’m on the final leg of planning for this much-awaited vacay. Yehey!

Since the GC I won is valid until end of March only, I can no longer prolong our flight to Aklan. I have no regrets that we needed to avail it soon because the timing is perfect –a month from now Manila temperature would be a lot different and sizzling and the best getaway would be the beach. Oh, I mean we, because I can’t leave Leoncio behind. I cannot be self-sufficient esp if the place is far and away. Hehehe. And guess what, my Nanay would be coming with us! Finally, my wish of giving her a plane ride is coming soon. Looking back, I can’t help but remember the first promos I joined before, read it here, where I openly write about my wanting to bring Nanay to a simple vacay that would need us to fly high up in the sky. 🙂

But then, I have lone regret as the day of our trip is nearing. My niece SAM should be part of this trip but we decided to disallow the thought after considering the whole story. Come this March, SAM would be graduating from grade school and even if we pray for safety and guidance we would still have second thoughts because of beliefs that she is near accidents and the like. I hope you get what I mean; we totally ditched the idea of taking her with us. 😦

Back to our soon trip to Boracay, I got a good deal from a budget airline for our tickets, and I would book our hotel in Kalibo this coming week. Yea, we’re flying via Kalibo this time because it’s a lot cheaper even if we need to pay for land transfers. Besides, it would be a different adventure for us, who knows we might find something interesting in this coastal town. 😀

And as second timers to Boracay, I don’t know if I am now gutsy to try the water activities –reef walking, parasailing, banana boat, etc. The most I wanted to do is to lounge and enjoy the sun and sand of summer this time. And give my palate something deli, hehehe.

It’s a month to go and I’m all set!