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Pat Pat’s Kansi, sooo Pinoy?

At last, we were able to pay a visit the bulalohan eatery in San Antonio Village, Makati that has been on my list for two weeks. Surprisingly the place was not packed when we arrived even though it was nearly dinnertime. Well, I thought it was like RJ’s that gets too crowded on mealtimes.

Pat Pat’s Kansi is an Ilonggo eatery that metes out a special beef marrow soup or bulalo that is infamous to most of us. They refer to it as Kansi in Ilonggo, a sweet and sour soup that is cooked over in slow fire for hours to complete that extra soft and almost melts in your mouth experience.

And look Pat Pat had been awarded as one of the Best Bulalo Restaurant in the Philippines, so they must be serving really good Pinoy food. Anyway, because husband and I were so hungry we placed our orders right away. Besides, the selections were not many, so, ordering shouldn’t eat much of your time. 🙂  I am excited by this time to have our orders carried to our table.

Soon after our rice and sodas were served to us, this bowl followed shortly. I was literally bowled over that we get to eat a clean bone and soup only for dinner. It took me a minute to review our order and I know it right, we placed Kansi Bulalo.

Because I was expecting some more meat attached to the bone I didn’t bother to touch the soup right away plus we were given a separate soup on small bowls.

Now, you see small signs of meat here? Actually, there were few cuts of beef swimming on that flavorful soup. Yes, it was so flavorful that you may no longer need the usual fish sauce or patis. Though on a second note, husband said it’s too salty for him that he didn’t attempt to sip the remaining soup. 😦

Back home, we would normally fight over the bone shank because of the marrow inside. We called it “utak” and I don’t know the reason behind it probably because it’s slimy and yellowish, hehehe. However, it really upset me to see that Pat Pat’s Kansi bone marrow is blood-like.

We even tried to poke it but no fat-like went out. Although it tasted not bad at all, I snubbed the thought of swallowing it. We left it untouched. 😦

Thankful that we had additional order of Pork BBQ as it saved us from total dismay. Nonetheless, there’s nothing to rave about those barbeques.

They had my favorite blueberry cheesecake but we didn’t sample it

When I asked husband if we would still order anything sweet, he refuses to get any. 😐

I must say Pat Pat’s Kansi didn’t give him the “POP” feels at all and going back at this quaint restaurant wouldn’t be so soon for us.


——————————————————————————————————————————————————– 🙂

Pat Pat’s Kansi
Kamagong cor. Sampaloc St. San Antonio Village
T. +632 8906179


3 responses to “Pat Pat’s Kansi, sooo Pinoy?

  1. docgelo February 28, 2012 at 9:26 am

    sarap naman ng bulalo at bbq! that marrow soup must have been soothing!
    at may blueberry cheesecake pa ang bulalohang ito, ayos! 😉

    • january February 28, 2012 at 10:16 am

      nothing beats Batangas bulalo for me docgelo, plus those freshly slaughtered beef sold in Tagaytay that we usually buy and cook at home. hay! but with Pat Pat’s very affordable Kansi, i think it’s okay to visit once in a while. 🙂

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