The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Yakimix Sushi•Smokeless Grill•Restaurant

Husband and I are big-eaters the reason why a buffet (eat-all-you-can) type would always end as our preference more than a fine ding restaurant. Aside from its fixed price, the selections are extensive and often the range of cuisine can be eclectic.

Sunday, while still in MOA and after the Ferris wheel ride, husband was complaining that we haven’t eaten anything decent that day. Truly because the lunch place I picked for Sunday was closed and we only had German sausages while going around the travel fair. Oh, we had cheap ice creams too. 🙂 So, we’re determined to get a good meal for dinner. I suggested Buffet 101, which had good reviews but because I don’t exactly know its exact location we walked the wrong way and going back was no longer our option so we tried our chance at Yakimix despite the long queue of people outside. We will be listed #33 if we are so willing to wait. You think I can wait that long? No! We left and decided to drive away at MOA grounds.

Well, we always love Makati ambiance and fortunately there’s a Yakimix branch at Greenbelt 3. I went ahead to check if we can get a seat right away and happily I was listed #3. And even before husband gets to the parking area I was already guided to our table.

Yakimix tagline Sushi-Smokeless Grill enthuse me as this would be Leoncio’s first time to eat and grill at the same time.  I was happy too that we were seated near the buffet tables as it would be easy for us to refills. 🙂  There was a good assortment of appetizer, salad, entrée and dessert of course.

Our feast,

The fare I picked from the Japanese station –different maki rolls, sashimi, salmon and shrimp tempura.

I went back for the second time to get more of that crispy shrimp tempura

From the raw section, Leoncio and I shared this portion –thin slices of red meat, salmon, shrimp (suahe), and cuttlefish meat.  


And more –bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms, the other one with carrot, cucumber and I guess its onion? We also had some spiced spareribs and squids.


And the gripping piece of our dining experience, the grilling part. 😀

Think Leoncio is enjoying it very much because back home he says, he’s not enjoying grilling alone (remember NY and my Birthday when he was assigned to grill the baby back ribs, hehehe). He loves grilling and eating at one fell swoop!

I ate those meat slices ala-Korean style bulgogi –wrapped in lettuce and dipped is sate sauce!

I can’t remember how many times we went back at the raw section for shrimps and squids! It was so sulit! By the way, we didn’t touch any from the cooked portion.


From the dessert station, we ended our dinner with these –leche plan, cheesecake, fruit tart, mini-choco cupcake, strawberry mousse.

Fresh Fruits –watermelon, oranges and pineapple

And DIY Halo-Halo! They also had Selecta ice creams and green salad station, and cakes from Red Ribbon.

Leoncio washed down with his blue Lemonade while I had soda.

I was so full, probably the same feeling I had when we dined at Spirals last year. And it would be a lesson all over again for me, never eat buffet during dinner time. It wasn’t meant! Hay!

Because Yakimix didn’t disappoint me (not a little), we could go sometime again probably after the lent is over. And Yakimix had wonderful service to account, attentive wait staffs, fast refills and comfortable setting aside from its being smokeless.

However, I find the buffet price a little pricey for me during weekends. 😐


—————————————————————————————————————————————————- 🙂

3F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center
Makati City
T.  +632 4755153 to 54




6 responses to “Yakimix Sushi•Smokeless Grill•Restaurant

  1. docgelo February 24, 2012 at 9:19 am

    my wife and i certainly miss yakimix!
    love all your photos here; good takes, ms. elna.

    ps : fyi, yakimix has brought great traffic to my blog, actually until now, it’s been one of the top searches amongst my posts. i can’t blame people; this smokeless yakiniku resto is really something special!

  2. january February 24, 2012 at 9:56 am

    i also heart yakimix because of the plethora of japanese fare pero i can’t help but compare it to tong yang kase tong yang had shabu-shabu aside from grill, and i heard na un jupiter branch has smokeless grill na rin 🙂

    thanks for comment! it’s overwhelming coming from a pro 🙂

  3. docgelo February 27, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    hahaha! 😀 who’s the pro? oh em gee. not me, definitely! such a big word for me.
    i cringed.

    pero nami-miss ko talaga yakimix! we were in my dad-in-law’s hotel room last december in ortigas where yakimix in podium was a stone throw away. sadly, we opted for gloria maris. even gabby likes yakimix!

  4. january February 28, 2012 at 10:18 am

    the making of a pro ka na docgelo 😀

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