The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Chef Bowl Specials Oriental Beef

Back to my Piltel days, Chowking is a favorite hangout place of our group (my Piltea family) because they operate 24 hours daily. And they serve really good and affordable breakfast meal to account. Several years after, I stopped eating at Chowking because the food is always a disappointment and it became overpriced. 😦

Just recently husband and I decided to try Chowking yet again for dinner because we don’t have anything cooked at home. And like the usual, ordering is a little hard for me, I don’t know why (?). So, I was dogged to get a bowl of soup only –Beef Wanton, until I’ve seen their Chef Bowl Specials. For P79 person only, I find it inexpensive this time.

I choose the Oriental Beef over the Honey Garlic Chicken Bowl. My first impression, the serving size is big and it perfectly depicts the colors it had on their menu board. Walang daya ika nga, what you see is what you get! And I am happy for it. 🙂

The taste test, it had the oriental flavors though a little weak it was just fine for me. The beef slices are tender and the veggies are not overcooked. I only wish they would add more veggies on it. Well, I don’t mind going back to Chowking these days for this filling Chinese Feast in a Bowl. 🙂


———————————————————————————————————————————————- 😛
Maysilo Circle, Mandaluyong City



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