The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

see you soon Bora

Ever since I got hold of the announcement about my winning of the Astoria Boracay Accommodation last December, I’ve been itching to write the details of it but I held and waited until I got hold of the confirmation. I don’t want a last-minute spoiler so I have to keep my mouth shut and wait for the right timing. At long last, I’m on the final leg of planning for this much-awaited vacay. Yehey!

Since the GC I won is valid until end of March only, I can no longer prolong our flight to Aklan. I have no regrets that we needed to avail it soon because the timing is perfect –a month from now Manila temperature would be a lot different and sizzling and the best getaway would be the beach. Oh, I mean we, because I can’t leave Leoncio behind. I cannot be self-sufficient esp if the place is far and away. Hehehe. And guess what, my Nanay would be coming with us! Finally, my wish of giving her a plane ride is coming soon. Looking back, I can’t help but remember the first promos I joined before, read it here, where I openly write about my wanting to bring Nanay to a simple vacay that would need us to fly high up in the sky. 🙂

But then, I have lone regret as the day of our trip is nearing. My niece SAM should be part of this trip but we decided to disallow the thought after considering the whole story. Come this March, SAM would be graduating from grade school and even if we pray for safety and guidance we would still have second thoughts because of beliefs that she is near accidents and the like. I hope you get what I mean; we totally ditched the idea of taking her with us. 😦

Back to our soon trip to Boracay, I got a good deal from a budget airline for our tickets, and I would book our hotel in Kalibo this coming week. Yea, we’re flying via Kalibo this time because it’s a lot cheaper even if we need to pay for land transfers. Besides, it would be a different adventure for us, who knows we might find something interesting in this coastal town. 😀

And as second timers to Boracay, I don’t know if I am now gutsy to try the water activities –reef walking, parasailing, banana boat, etc. The most I wanted to do is to lounge and enjoy the sun and sand of summer this time. And give my palate something deli, hehehe.

It’s a month to go and I’m all set!



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