The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!


We were able to visit Bea over the weekend but the time was too short because we arrived in Cavite past 8pm already last Saturday. You have to blame Dadi, bunso for being a late comer all over again, hay! Came Sunday morning, my family went back to Monte Maria to attend the healing mass. I decided to stay home to expend more time with Bea as we needed to leave the house again in the afternoon. We drove to Bailen to visit the wake of Che’s father (Che is my cousin’s wife) this time. We stayed a bit late so our Sunday was exhausted by the time we were home. Besides, it rained all Sunday. 😦  I feel sorry for our big girl that Momi and Dadi had so little time to spend with her around. I baldly miss my baby!

Look at how Bea slimmed down after we enforce strict diet for her. 🙂

Monday morning, we had no choice but to wake her up early and bid goodbye once more. There are no definite yet on our next homecoming, so, the more I will long to see her, the more I will long to cuddle her and the more I will long to kiss her. I’m getting homesick!


P.S. Don’t get me wrong that I only think about Bea, Ate Shen would always be a part of our family too.




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