The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

2012 first long weekend and CNY

Following our visit to the farmhouse during the 1st long weekend of 2012, I make most of our time to connect with my family considering also that after that break our visits will be numbered again. And I would definitely be missing Bea more. 😦

Good thing that Bea had playmates to keep her bouncy. I am so thankful that these kids love my baby so much, that she doesn’t get to miss much Momi and Dadi’s hugs and kisses.

Bea gets a bathe from Dadi after fooling around with the kids, “Don’t you worry Bei, Ate Lisa will give you a regular bathe while Momi and Dadi are away.”

In photo is the other side of the ridge

When in Cavite, I don’t miss any opportunity to visit Tagaytay ridge –it’s a must for us to smell a little of fresh air and sense the coolness of the surroundings.

Our Lady of Lourdes before the 6pm mass


And our so good moments!

My family and I attended mass at Our Lady of Lourdes and afterward dine somewhere, it was a simple dinner (not the one we’re so used to) but we had a wonderful time. 🙂

Getting around Summit Ridge with my family

Since we got to enjoy Chinese New Year this year away from work, I took that time to go out and wander with my nephew, P. It’s very seldom that he would go along with us without his Mom and Dad, unlike SAM who always love to tag along.

Leoncio and I brought him to Tagaytay as promised. We let him ride a stallion, his first ride ever.

And because he was not allowed to ride all by himself, Leoncio was compelled to ride with him. 😀

They pretty enjoyed the 30-minutes ride going back and forth the grassland. And I content myself roving around the place.


If you care to know, the horse ride is P100 for 30-minutes (big horses) and for the medium built horses rate is at P80. I forgot to ask how much those with carts are.

Okay enough guys, the horse is tired by now (ang bigat nyo daw kase, hehehe).

P requested for a bike ride after, so, we rented one.

Single bike cost P80/hour while the bike with sidecar cost P100/hr. We got him the one with sidecar, which is much safer for a speedy biker like P. 🙂

No doubt he was enjoying the bike ride so much!

We stayed for almost two hours; evident was our parking fee charge that was so overpriced. 😦 P40/hour is not reasonable because they cannot even maintain the place clear of plastic waste; it is cluttered with so much garbage especially the ridge part.

Leoncio, P and I moved to Summit Ridge to get ourselves something to eat and drink. The little boy didn’t request any this time (thank God!) except for those cheese fries from Kerimo food cart.


And while rambling around we chanced upon the Dragon and Lion Dance as Robinsons Mall celebrate CNY.

P was so amazed and scared 😮 , as he doesn’t want to go near those fake dragons. Hehehe…

Well, I enjoyed much the lengthy dance and parade. It pretty shows off! 🙂

And, I had a wonderful time spending our three days off with my family, no regrets despite the expenses related to it. 😀 So, when is the next long weekend? Ah, April but for now I look forward to March. 🙂



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