The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

final clearance at Debenhams

My love affair with the month of January concluded with a shopping spree, the one that I always look forward as the season of sale comes to its final phase. Yes, it’s my much awaited Blue Cross Sale at Debenhams. It’s when most of the items are discounted at 70%, who could let this one pass? 🙂

Of course I made on it on the first day of the Blue Cross sale at Debenhams Makati. Well, I wasn’t surprised that more people are now also waiting for this big markdown and it’s very evident on the long queue at the fitting rooms. So for me, I grab two sizes for all my pick to save time getting back and forth at the fitting room –that’s another reason why I love Debenhams, they pamper you a lot.  

Oh by the way, earlier last Friday Leoncio was able to sneak in at Debenhams during his lunch break and he was able to get this pair of Red Herring Sequin Flats at P535 from P1,350. He got himself a RH beanie for P315 only. 🙂

And while Leoncio let me shopped alone later that day I decided to get these pieces.

[photo credits:]

I got this in Navy [photo credits:]

Had it in Orange and Turquoise [photo credits:]

Had it in Black and Orange [photo credits:]

Got this in Orange [photo credits:]

This was from last year BC sale, now I had it in Grey [photo credits:]

Getting ready for the beach! 🙂  [photo credits:]

I didn’t sleep better that day 😀 so I made a second trip yesterday and went back to shop for those Christy towels.

Got two and had it wrapped for future use 🙂  [photo credits:]

And these,

I got a Grey 2-in-1 top very similar to this (above) [photo credits:]

I almost forgot, I got two cotton bra last year which I still haven’t used until now, oh my! [photo credits:]

Because I needed to make sure I am not missing anything from this season’s sale, I convinced Leoncio to go along with me at Debenhams Shangri-la after poking around in Makati. 🙂

I spotted dresses and more dresses, actually I was looking for another tankini but sizes left were too big already.

Our loot from Debenhams Shangri-la.

Beanie (left) from Debenhams Makati, Mantaray cap and Red Herring sunglasses from Shangri-la

Back in Rustan’s I bought another Oleg Cassini wallet for Leoncio so he could finally dispose of his old M wallet, which we got 4 years ago. 😀

I’m penniless starting tomorrow so I need to start bringing packed lunch again 😦

If you’d ask me if I’m contended now, ah, partly yes because I got everything I would need soon. 🙂

Shopping at Debenhams would always be fabulous for less! Until the next season sale –mark the date in August!


P.S. The BC sale is running until Feb 11 and I have two weeks to decide on getting those playsuits, hehehe…


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