The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

a night in Isla with my Piltea family

Every now and then I would set a date for us to meet up and get-together over a bottle of beer and delicious grilled seafood at Talyer. It’s an old school chill-out place for my Piltea friends and we can’t think of any other place to get merry during the Christmas month. The date, December 19, I organized a small fête for my now small group of five gentleman (Leoncio included). Yes, I am the only lady of this group, so, you know I team up with these big boys that are too ready to kill anyone that would get in my way, hehehe.

A day before this event, I asked George to come earlier so he can reserve a corner for us but on the day itself our excitement was a bit disrupted because Talyer would not be available for the night. Oh my! How come? Well, we found out that it was earlier reserved for a Christmas party. At the last minute, I was asking George how we are going to push our own little party. Thankfully George was able to suggest a place, I never heard of it until then and because it was nearby Talyer, we never had a hard time locating Isla –a beach concept bar and restaurant within the city limits.

Isla Bar and Restaurant’s welcoming facade

George and Babu by now were on their second bottles of beer when Leoncio and I arrived, Pel followed shortly and lastly Gem, who’s consistent in coming in late. 🙂

We no longer groove like party animals because of age and the most we look after during nights like these is to unwind, one good and lengthy conversation and good food of course.

The feast we had,



Crispy Pata, Beef Tapa, Onion Rings, Tokwa’t Baboy and Pancit Canton. The prices were a little upscale compared to Talyer plus the serving was smaller. And the flavors, ah probably I’d say nothing but the average. 😐

Anyhow, we didn’t go there to devour much on the foodstuff, the beers were more than enough to keep us company through the night.

The plus point of Isla was the performers that night, it’s like you’ve been transported to Boracay with these fire dancers. It’s amazingly very entertaining as everyone stopped and watched the show. Namiss ko bigla ang Boracay but lo and behold I’ll hit the sand and sun in Bora in 2 months time, excited! 😀

As the night goes on all I can remember were hilarity and more reminiscing of the good old days. Everybody remembered the “Padilla Bros” and to give you a picture of what I am talking about, here. They don’t look identical with the famous Padilla brood of local showbiz but in many ways they are similar 🙂

Babu tagged as Rommel (tama ba Babs? hehehe)

Pel as Robin, no need to ask why. 🙂 He’s even villainous but remains a gentleman as he is, especially to pretty girls.

Gem as Rustom (turned BB, kaya gusto na nya magpalit ng character! hahaha)

Nelson as Royette, okay we miss you buddy and as we were talking you all night we hope you don’t choke awfully! 🙂

And George being the always neutral and cool never had any trade name at all. Mommy Eva ikaw ba yan? hahaha…

Time flies so fast and we’ve been friends for 16 years now. Iba talaga ang may pinagsamahan!

I only wish the group was complete, yea, we dearly miss those based out of the country during times like this (and we hope you guys miss us too). 🙂


——————————————————————————————————————————————– 🙂

1149 Chino Roces Ave
Makati City, Metro Manila 
Phone: +63(919)9470113

4 responses to “a night in Isla with my Piltea family

  1. gew January 30, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    Bat haggard mga pix natin hehe..but I like it..the company of course…

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