The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

after the Christmas month, i look forward to another long weekend

Despite the busyness of the holidays, husband and I survived the Manila-Cavite trip almost every week. We took the chance as it means we get to see Bea frequently plus the many occasions happening last month. And because this post is pretty long overdue I will compress everything as it happens one after the other.


My excellent companion (aside from the husband 🙂 ).

Even before December come into the big picture, we spent the weekend in Cavite. It was one of the casual weekend,  a short break with my family –sleep, eat and Tagaytay!


Dec 3-4, husband and I escaped the metro to smell pine and go into a two-day gastronomic adventure. It was a wonderful break for us from the city life and we came back feeling revitalized and ready to hop to another escapade. 🙂


Dec 10-11, we attended a kiddie-party (which I still haven’t blog yet) in Cavite but later on decided to drive to Tagaytay to feel the holiday season and give Bea and Ate Shen a treat at SB (no coffee for them, donuts only 🙂 ).

It wasn’t an easy job being parents to these breeds.

The joy of having Bea around –she may no longer be the cute little puppy but she have a way of endearing herself to us.

Lovely portrait!


P don’t look so hungry, hehehe…

Dec 17-18, we went to Pampanga to splurge a little :D, we felt it was a never ending day only to realize that we skipped meals and we run out of cash, hehehe. Good thing we survived and spent another evening in Tagaytay.

Chilly Tagaytay would always be love for us!

Christmas is a week away when my sister’s Christmas tree was up and lit. And btw, this is Tonyo now. 🙂


Excuse Bea’s sleepy look on Christmas Eve. 🙂

Dec 24-25, we welcome Christmas with happy hearts, with gifts and with the people dear to us. And regardless of the heavy traffic our way to Sta. Rosa we made it on the night of Christmas Day.

It’s so Christmas and yet we are still out to shop, I fervently pray for a money tree!


Dec 27, two days after Christmas we drive back to Cavite for the feast of St. John the Evangelist. It was a get-together of our families on both sides as we all feast on the yummy spread of meat and seafood.


Dec 30, all prep for welcoming the New Year. And because this year husband and I didn’t have any charity program, I thought of giving a party to our house helpers. I team up with my Nanay and sister for this event. It was a very happy occasion and endless fun for everyone.



As everyone enjoyed the games, I enjoyed shooting their best moments!

The E-cousin Christmas tradition happened this day too. Not in complete attendance but still a cheery night to account.


Dec 31, if you think we had enough fun, well, we had one more occasion before finally welcoming the NY. We had the whole afternoon to party with my maternal family as we convene and get-together.

And as 2011 finally bid goodbye to us, we welcome 2012 with high hopes that this would be a better and brighter year for everyone.


Now, husband cannot blame me if going back and forth to Cavite would always excite me in spite of the hike of fuel prices these days. Tomorrow will be the start of another long weekend and I’m afraid you’ll end up finding me again in Tagaytay, hehehe. 🙂



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