The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

trips to Debenhams

Well, after the very eventful month of December comes January, a dear month to me because it’s my, oh I mean our birthday month! 🙂

Anyway, I’ve done my post about the birthday weekend so I won’t talk about it anymore, basta it’s a blast! Let me just account this time that as January come into a lot of sale is happening too. You can’t blame me if my anticipation builds up every day, hehehe. I can’t wait for the final reductions signage and the blue cross thing.

Actually, I previously visited Debenhams twice this month after the 50% markdown was announced. I sneaked on items that are on sale and if they still have my size. I tried on some dresses, tops, trousers and even swimwear but I didn’t get any yet.

I can’t deny loving this piece, it looked dainty for the plus size me. 🙂

Not until last Monday when I went on leave and gave Debenhams a second visit, probably I just panicked a bit because the stocks are getting lesser, and so, I went home with these items.

Dark violet roll sleeve shirt, it’s darker physically.

photo from:

I want the red colored one however, it isn’t part of the sale yet. 😦

I also got myself a pair of trouser for office wear.

photo from:

I got the exact color and I can only wish they have it in black.

I somehow regret getting these at 55% only (5% is because of the loyalty card), you can’t blame me if my sizes are becoming in demand these days, hahaha. For now, I should think of an excuse so I can beat the first day of the Blue Cross sale (at next week na un!).


P.S.  I got my favorite uncle a gift, finally! 🙂



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