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Baguio 2011: Part III –places to eat

Finally, the last part of my Baguio series. Whew!

Baguio 2011: Part I –things to do
Baguio 2011: Part II –things to do


Our short stay in Baguio seems to give me an added pound and probably it’s very explicable because the last we don’t want to feel during that weekend was to feel hungry, not even a little. 😀

Aside from places to visit, things to do while in Baguio please account that this city is a food haven too. And evidence of it is the numerous Baguio homegrown restaurants, which had even branch out in Manila. Fresh, tasty food I somehow felt lost of words to describe how our tummies were pleased.

During our past visits in Baguio, Don Henrico’s is a must-stop for lunch or dinner but this time we eliminate it from our list and look for something more Baguio-ey.

Believe me I have more than 10 resto in my list but because we have limited time we have to make a small number of choices.

I did not remove McDonald’s at all, husband and I would always be a big fan of this fast food chain whenever and whenever we are. 🙂

The fist breakfast, I have pancakes+hot choco while husband had hamdesal and coffee. This is love ko to!

While musing at Mines View, we had grilled corn on the cob P35 and buttered corn with cheese for P30. I didn’t finish the grilled corn because it tasted uncooked and I do not recommend the powdered cheese on top of the buttered cheese corn, or should I say was it really buttered?

We also sampled the Strawberry-flavored taho P15; it has Strawberry-flavored syrup only and not whole strawberries on it. Anyway, it was consumed right away.

At Good Shepherd Convent we tried the Choco-Chips Oatmeal Monster Cookies for P35 and strawberry juice for P20. It was the absolute pair!


Our lunch was a mix-up with following my being forgetful (?). I’ve been saying 50’s Diner to the driver after boarding his cab where in fact I had Little John’s fall-off the bone baby back ribs in my mind. That’s the story behind our blooper lunch at the Original Mile-Hi Diner at Camp John Hay.

Original Mile-Hi Diner serves American-Style food and isn’t your average restaurant at all. The place had traces of the old mostly memorabilia which captures every diners heart.

I have to agree that the Mile-Hi Diner have a comforting atmosphere however, for me prices are a little steep at this restaurant.

Our set,

Classic Caesar Salad P170 with add-on Grilled Chicken P60. There’s no doubt they had the freshest greens, husband liked it much. 🙂

Country Pork Chops P220. I like that the meat portion is big and tender, I only wished the salad was replaced by buttered veggie and there is this option to replace the java rice with mashed potatoes.

Pork Baby Back Ribs (?) P295. I don’t exactly remember if its baby back or spareribs but it’s a slightly smaller and thinner from the pork chops we ordered. It was tender though and tasty and I love the sweet sauce.

I wanted Green Mango Shake but it wasn’t available so I asked the wait staff for his suggestion, I was assuming he would suggest Strawberry but I was wrong because he offered me Ripe Mango Shake. I find this cheap at P80 and refreshing.

We left without sampling any of their desserts because I was more than excited to try Vizco’s.

Mile Hi Diner, Baguio
Mile Hi Center, Camp John Hay
Baguio City
T. 074 446-1387 


Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop was our next stop. The restaurant is known for its affordable pasta and pastries but coming from a filling lunch we can only taste the latter.

Strawberry Shortcake P80

There’s no doubt that Vizco’s most prized dish is the strawberry shortcake –moist and fluffy cake with icing that isn’t too sweet topped with fresh strawberries. Every forkful is heavenly!

We also got a slice of Chocolate Decadence cake P80, which is very rich and thick!

A serving of green tea with honey completed our sweet cravings. Green Tea with Honey priced at P45.

I planned a visit again the following day but we were more than busy to drop by.

Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop
#5C EDT Bldg., Puso ng Baguio Bldg
Session Road, Baguio City
T. 074 446-7082


Dinner time, we didn’t get any far because Star Café is located very near La Brea. For husband the café looks old and unsightly but because I have been reading good reviews of the place, why not give it a try?

I ordered Star Rice while husband had Beef Rice. I had to comment that the plate looks soggy and would rather appear attractive if served in a bowl. What do you think?

We ordered Tom Yum Goong Soup (Hot and Sour Soup), which is just chilly, it is short of the sour flavorings and is bland for my taste. The only consolation of this soup order is its being so hot that complements the cold weather of the city.

I didn’t get the breakdown of our meal but we paid P410 all in, no service charge.

We were not able to try their high quality breads such as cinnamon rolls, cheese bread and ensaymada –maybe until our next visit.

Star Café Restaurant
39 Session Road, Baguio City
T. 074 442-3148 / 074 442-4041



Our spree ended at SM City Baguio with Fried Ice Cream P45.00 It wasn’t too sweet at all however it is neither creamy too. I had everything on top from colorful candies to chocolate sticks.

It’s was pretty to look at. 😀

Fried Ice Cream
2nd Level, SM City Baguio


Back at La Brea Inn to retire, husband and I enjoyed Chef’s Tony’s Parmesan flavored popcorn (P195) while watching some old movies. It’s addicting!


I am the only breakfast lover who hates waking up early in the morning, hehehe. Husband and I went out a little behind 8 in the morning the following day, I was having thoughts about Café by the Ruins following a very expensive meal during one of our visits, so, even if I am craving for camote bread and herb cheese I discard the idea and ask Baguio folks clearly about Glenn 50’s Diner.

This time I know we come to the right place as people flock the place even in the early hours. I had to ask also the wait staff to transfer us to a bigger table because a feast is going to happen.

I wanted real breakfast so I had Spam with rice and sunny side up eggs P90.

Husband had Beef Tapa P90, which I didn’t get to taste but according to him it was flavorsome.

Add P10 on the breakfast meal to get a cup of coffee

We also got 50’s Club Sandwich for P125. Triple Decker stuffed with chicken, tuna, ham and egg with lettuce, onion, cucumber and tomato.

Husband is eating only ¼ of the sandwich here 😀

I didn’t know it’s this big, oh I mean huge! We only get to finish half of the serving.

And to complete our satisfying breakfast, I ordered Fruit Platter P110. It was beautifully adorned making it more attractive. I so love it! 🙂

Glenn 50’s Diner is so worth your every penny. I hope they could keep the prices affordable.

Husband’s comment, “POP na POP!”

I missed to order milk shake, which would top my list next time around.

Glenn 50’s Diner
92 Upper General Luna Road Corner Brent Road
Baguio City
T. 0916 659-5555


At Camp John Hay, Baguio-Technohub is becoming a favorite chill out place especially that the place doesn’t get too crowded (I only wish that Starbucks will come up with a second floor to accommodate more customers).

Husband and I decided to hang around after walking back and forth down the pine tree-lined roads. And notwithstanding the chilly weather I decided to drink frap.

My favorite the entire holiday season –Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha!

Complimentary biscotti from Starbucks in celebration of their 14th year in the Philippines. Thank you SB! 🙂


The last meal we had while in Baguio was the most appetizing. Since husband and I had no idea where Slaughter is located, we asked the old cab driver to drop us there. From the public market it’s just a kilometer away I guess (?), you have to take the same direction going to La Trinidad and by jeep ride, look for those with Trancoville signage and advise the driver to drop you at Slaughter or at Bgy. Sto. Nino.

Its a few steps away from the main road, you will pass by the old Times Terminal which is just across the Barangay Hall.

This line of eateries will welcome your tummies!

Probably because Balajadia Restaurant was the only eatery who had grilling station at the front that time, it catches our attention easily. Soon as we get seated, we placed our orders right away.

Plain and simple!

We had,

Sinanglaw, which is more-like papaitan P80. It tasted so so good that we could have another bowl if not for fear of getting painful attacks of gout. It has cow’s innards and skin sautéed in onion, ginger, garlic, peppercorns and moderate amount of cow’s bile for the bitter taste.

Grilled Pork Belly P80. It was evenly grilled, no burnt part at all.

Grilled Eggplant P35. It was served with chopped tomatoes and onions and fish sauce for dipping. Yum!

The best meal we had during our 2-day stay in Baguio.

Balajadia Restaurant
104 Slaughter Compound, Balajadia Sto. Nino
Baguio City


Before we left the city proper, we dropped by Danes Café and bought some pastries, which we ate during our way back to Manila.

Danes Café best seller include these!

Husband and I were thinking of going back next year to try Forest House, Good Taste, Little John, Mario’s –oh there’s plenty more on my list, until then. 🙂


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