The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

E-cousins Christmas Tradition

For us, E-cousins, who mostly grew up all together in Cavite consider every family event (no matter how big or small) a time for merriment.

And Christmas season is something to look forward because it’s like we get to see every day during this time of the year; though it couldn’t be the case for those who left the country and decided to work abroad. Anyway, there’s facebook chat and Skype to keep you informed. 🙂

2008 Christmas Day

For four consecutive years, the night of Christmas Day is a date for all of us as we convene and drive to Tagaytay.

2009 Christmas Day

We love the crowd in Tagaytay during this special day, oh don’t mind much the heavy traffic it’s a normal thing nowadays.

2009 Christmas Day

And no, we don’t go to Tagaytay to warm our tummies with bulalo or anything cooked deliciously.

2010 Christmas Day

We only settle to one place (or two) where Christmas tradition is eminent –where else it’s at Starbucks!

2010 Christmas Day

Regardless of the long queue at the counter plus the availability of seats that we have to go through we never thought of pulling out. Hey, you don’t feel its Christmas with all the hustle and bustle after all.

Though there were postponement and concern this time around, I am thankful it happened even its already past Christmas Day. The date –December 30, 2011.

Because our group was famished by the long wait and uncertainties we didn’t went straight at SB, we look for a place to have late dinner that would not stuff us a lot. And even there’s plenty of pizza parlors around town I do not know what make Yellow Cab a standout for us. Probably the mood goes together with its oversized pizza. 😀

We had the usual set,

An 18’ Four Seasons pizza

Charlie Chan Chicken pasta

And the favorite Cheese Quesadilla from Army Navy

Freedom Fries (Army Navy)

Fearless Fried Chicken (Army Navy)

We washed down everything with Sola Iced Tea. Burp!





I don’t know with you but every dining event at Yellow Cab is a happy occasion to account. 🙂

Even if there is an SB store nearby Yellow Cab, we decided to transfer to Summit Ridge branch. Don’t ask me why, perhaps we find the place more comfy and conducive for late night musings.

Jena and I did the ordering part as the teens contentedly take a seat. Well, it wasn’t at all a good night because I cannot let pass and write down what I felt from that “overweight barista” who took our orders. If you must know I am an avid SB fan way back I can’t even remember and I don’t mind the nose bleeding chat every time you make an order. Baritas are so customer oriented and I never had any unpleasant incident so far until that night. Oh well, I should not be ranting here but listen I’ll make the story short. It’s because he sense that Jena was paying all the drinks that night, he went on ignoring my questioning aside from giving me a very sarcastic response when I asked about his offering upgrades to all our drinks. “Eh un po kase gusto ni Mam” (referring to Jena), well Mr. OB (overweight barista), if you must know she (Jena) is ordering my drinks and I have all the right to choose what I wanted, so you listen! And I never came across an SB barista who write down all our orders from the start and later on asking us again and again about the sizes, frap or hot, etc. Hello, do you know the word comprehend and retention, probably you need plenty of dose of those two. I didn’t waste my time and left the counter, I would give him a slight cut on my next visit or I would be kind to remind him about customer service. 😀

Sorry for the intermission, hehehe. Back to our chill out night, the teens were so happy this date pushed through.

They pretty enjoyed their venti.

We overindulged with donuts and cinnamon rolls.

Jena and I happily claimed our SB Planner that night.

The kids are enjoying every sip of their frap.

A group photo is essential to remember this night.

And this photo op is for J.B. 🙂


We call it a night past midnight, we dropped the teens in Alulod and Jena and the kids to their abode in TMC. And like the usual as husband and I drives home we would talk about the experience, the people dear to us, the day after, we love to recollect and plan ahead. Life is too short to waste hating people. And by the time, you come to age like me you will realize those things I am saying now.

By the way, super thank you to our wonderful and generous cousin, J.B., despite his being away at this point, he never forgotten us, the Christmas routine and all the occasion he has been missing. We surely are all waiting for your grand return. 🙂

P.S. The E-cousins were not in perfect attendance first and foremost because of transport problem and nothing follows. 😐


2010- a joyful Christmas Day
2009 – On the twelfth day of Christmas
2008 – All Together on Christmas Day
2007 – i lost photos and i am not blogging way back then. Jena, remember the photo op with Christian Bautista? it was that lovely Christmas Day!


***9-Jan 2012, my apology for using disturbing word against that Starbucks barista, perhaps I was taken by my own resentment because I am expecting a highly trained one especially during the busy month. 🙂


4 responses to “E-cousins Christmas Tradition

  1. jena January 11, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    goose bumps and tears….super nice lit….hope we could complete the attendance sheet next year…advance happy birthday….see you soon…

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