The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

New Year’s Day at Bag of Beans

New Year’s Day itself, we went to morning mass with Nanay and Tatay. Believe that I was all set in 30 minutes, hehehe… I didn’t take a shower for the record because it was too cold. 🙂

Right after the mass we head home and went back to sleep for a few hours. With the weather so inviting I planned to stay in bed for the rest of the day. It was a very lazy day for all of us.

It was mid afternoon when we decided to go out; we have no specific in mind as dining out somewhere else is not an option this time. We have more than enough at home, a delightful spread of everything.

I partially considered us going to SM Dasma to stroll and window shop but I ditched the idea, I could be impulsive at times, no more unnecessary expense for me as I remind myself to stay put. Well, we could have watched MMFF entries if we only thought of it earlier that day. So, the plan of going to SM was totally denied.

We turn going to Tagaytay even though we have no agenda, we could always sit down some place and chill out. Little did I know husband wanted to have coffee?

We end up our route at Bag of Beans.

It was a busy day at the Garden where we choose to dine but I wonder why the private cabanas were not occupied. Husband decently asked if we could occupy one of those, when he returned to us I got my reply why guests decide for the al fresco set. I don’t know if this has been going on ever since at BOB, the private cabanas had consumable rates at P1, 000 for 3 hours, it wasn’t bad if we came hungry that day.

Anyway, we choose to be seated at the uncovered table to embrace the homey feel and the cold breeze of Tagaytay.

We decided for a hot drink paired with their famous pies.

Nanay is not a coffee drinker so she got herself an order of Hot Chocolate. It was served on a smaller size mug and surprisingly it was real chocolate made from cocoa bean. I had a sip of it –bitter sweet and delicious!

Tatay had a single serve of Freshly Brewed Coffee (house blend) and husband had his bottomless.

Meanwhile, I chose to had Freshly Brewed Barako (bottomless too). I find the Barako serving more fragrant that the house blend.

Shepherd’s Pie. Ground Beef topped with mashed potatoes BOB way. I love that it was served hot and Tatay seems to love this too (he finished more than half of it). 😀

Mix Fruit Pie. It’s good with a lot of filling.

Guess how many refills do we have? Husband had 3 while I had 2. 🙂


The downside of eating al fresco especially on late afternoon is there were lots of mosquitoes. I suggest BOB would offer some insect repellant to guest during this hour.

We didn’t stay too long, after a quick check at the Store (located at the façade) we left without the heavy feel of being stuffed. Btw, I bought mini-cinnamons for take home.

It was one special New Year Day, as it doesn’t happen daily that I get the chance to bond with my parents.

There’s no doubt that husband and I enjoyed our holiday vacay, perhaps it’s too short this time but we look forward to 2012. I bet you also do! 😀


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