The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

a welcome to 2012 from our home

We had a remarkable New Year, that’s it! No question, no sarcasm related to it when I say it was. 🙂

Like the previous years, husband and I would explore the streets of Divisoria a day before NY Eve’s to bargain for holiday fruits that we need in welcoming the New Year. The tradition is to buy 13 round fruits as it symbolizes good luck and prosperity. No, we’re not Chinese but you see it’s the overall theme of Pinoys celebrating the New Year.

Oopps! My list exceeds so let’s take out banana and dragon fruit. 😀

Since my sister would be celebrating NY on their new address, I became the official cook of our humble home.

Our simple menu for our Media Noche feast.

Take a quick peek of what I dearly prepared for my family,

Buttered Garlic Shrimp. Pop na Pop!

Baby Back Ribs. I didn’t achieve the fall-off the bone ribs nonetheless it was flavorsome. Will do it better next time –need to marinate it longer (one whole day) and slow cooking.

Sidings include corn on the cob, broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus

I also prepared Potato Salad but I don’t have a yummy photo of it. Guess what? It had my Nanay and Leoncio’s approval. 🙂

Tuna Pesto Pasta. This is my first try to make use of pesto sauce and because I didn’t have enough preparation in doing this pasta dish I failed. 😦  It wasn’t that bad, probably I could have picked a more trusted pesto sauce brand. There would always be a second chance. 😀

The traditional Roasted Ham.

Nanay didn’t miss to serve us palutang or palitaw this year.


I picked Karen’s Red Velvet Cake to be part of our spread for the NY; true to its name it’s velvety in and out!

And I got a personal size of Karen’s Chocolate Ganache too, it’s not too sweet but it’s very rich!

I now started a love affair with Karen’s Kitchen premium cakes. 🙂


Photo-op before the countdown


1, 2, 3…9, 10! Happy 2012!


Merry making at our house as these kids joined us lit the fireworks.

All of us happily welcome the NY except for Bea who hated the firecrackers and all the outdoor noises related to this occasion.

And while all these happenings are going on outside, Ate Shen keep herself tucked in one corner praying for the immediate conclusion of this occurrences.




Cheers to 2012! May this year bring good health, good fortune and happiness to our family! 🙂


Media Noche
Another New Year’s Eve
Our New Year’s Eve


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