The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

still the happiest season of all

Yes, Christmas would always be my most wonderful time of the year. 🙂

We arrived Cavite on the morning of the 24th , ably, giving me more time to set up the gifts underneath our tree and giving me more time to ensure everything will be ready the following day. Well, I did not intend to forget the little boy’s gift, sorry P. 😦  Ninang will surely have your box ready on New Year’s Eve.

Later that day, I dragged Nanay and Leoncio to Mahogany Market in Tagaytay to get Bea’s favorite meal, which I promised her. And bought assorted gift items for her and Shen at Summit Ridge Promenade. Oh my, I thought I am so ready this year as Christmas goes on.

And as we waited for Christmas Eve this time, SAM and P’s presence were missed. Happily we have two kids to celebrate with.

Zaira and Shane is my 2nd cousin’s pretty daughter, which became Bea’s playmate in no time in spite of their apprehension before to pat Bea.

We missed the midnight mass unintentionally (?) probably because everyone felt heavy-eyed even before 10pm + it was freezing outside and next best thing to do is to slip your cold body to bed.  

Bea sneaking underneath the tree, she just wanted to make sure Santa Mom and Dad have something for her. That’s how snooping she can be.

Like the usual, I have to wake up earlier on Christmas Day and start the day with joyous heart. I caught husband and Bea and Ate Shen playing around and trying to warm up.

Not long Nanay called breakfast and this favorite soup all welcome our tummies.

The hotter it is the better.


Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion by Classic Confections

Soon after breakfast, we had coffee paired with our Christmas cake. I told you so; I would get this perfectly decadent cake creation for the holidays. I cannot say more except that it was so delicious. 😀

Our Christmas table readied for visiting family and friends. Nothing biggie.



And opening of gifts followed shortly. Bea can’t get over it, she loves to open boxes and boxes and she would always be delighted to get toys enclosed from those gift wraps.

SAM and P dropped by the house but since I don’t have any gift yet for P he snub our merry making.

SAM was all the while clueless with my gift even if she was with us when I bought it. 🙂

Bea got another angry bird stuff toy from Ate SAM.

And part of our Christmas tradition is to drive to Tagaytay after dinner and squeeze ourselves with the crowd and battle the heavy line at Starbucks. Well, even if this year’s fund was generously provided and sent to us by a dear cousin, the get-together was call off. The reasons –Moki is with friends + his car broke down, Jenna is out with her sister’s too and traffic in Tagaytay is very bad. I decided to postpone as there are uncertainties this time, I felt there are things that are not cooperating completely. 😐 Anyway, I hope everything will be all right by December 30. 🙂


Although there was an earlier deferment, together with my sister’s family our trouped decided to drive to Paseo de Santa Rosa. Battling traffic in Tagaytay seems to get worst every so often, so we get there past 8pm and shops are almost ready to close. Fortunately, we were able to catch Nike Park store still open. Guess who gets another new pair?

I wonder whose texting him or it was the other way around, hehehe. 😀


We’re done and ready to drive home however, the kids were hungry and SAM suddenly craved for fried chicken. We hardly get a decent seat at those eateries in Paseo so we quickly decide to move at the newly opened Solenad 2. There were plenty of choices except that all restaurants are closed. 😦 It was too bad!

On Christmas Day, we were dead hungry while people watching, thank God there for Bread Talk’s cheese loaf. 🙂


We didn’t went home with empty stomach, well at least they didn’t (apparently husband and I didn’t wait for our orders, let say I didn’t expect Mc Donald’s service to be that bad on Christmas Day and it’s quite a lame excuse to blame the occasion).

This morning amidst the coldness of the hour husband and I travelled back to Manila as we have work. I hate you P-Noy for this. 😦  How come you didn’t even declare today as holiday? Sigh!

Off to Cavite again tomorrow morning using my vacation leaves. Yehey! 🙂


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