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freebies from HealthToday

Thank you to HealthToday Philippines for this loot of Cetaphil products. 🙂



Sunday Night Out

Sunday after attending the 7:71pm mass at Power Plant Mall husband and I exit right away and proceed to McKinley Hill.

Probably the radio ads had gotten us so we became a little bit curious about the performing artist that night besides we wanted to have coffee that isn’t too costly. 🙂

When we arrived at the Piazza, the concert had early started, people are all over the concert venue and on stage is Greyson Chance –the 15th year old pop rocker singer and pianist whose April 2010 performance of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” at a sixth-grade music festival became a hit on YouTube.

Distantly we watched but not for long because I feel uneasy, I felt sudden dizziness because of my eye problem. We walked away from the scene and get ourselves some caffeine.

The favorite place would always be Dunkin Café.

My Mocha Cappuccino came without coffee art 😦

Husband had Morning Mocha which I loved 🙂

And we paired our cup with Premium Donuts

This is how we end our Sunday night and get ready for another busy week.


I feel lucky that despite life’s adversity and lack of material possessions, I have a cheery husband beside me to comfort me at times I feel so low and worthless…


scenes from Noel Discovery Bazaar


Happy Holidays! 🙂


shopping guilt

Over the weekend I had the chance to shop a little (just a few pieces 🙂 ); actually I took advantage to shop while there are plenty of good deals at the weekend sale.

And these my weekend sale report,

Gola Outlet (A. Mabini St., San Juan) –initially we were looking for a pair of walking shoes for my Tatay however, sizes were too big for him. I end up wanting to buy a pair of ballet flats. Okay, I didn’t get it, not at the moment but I will come back for it. 🙂  And if you are my husband’s size which is 12, the deal is Buy One Take One at P1,500 (sizes 12-13 only).

Retail Specialist, Inc. Warehouse Sale (Jannov Bldg. Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City) –RSI carry brands like Florsheim, Naturalizer and Bossini. Since it was the last day of sale the selections were not that much.


I went home with a new bag from Bossini at 50%.

RIMA Sale 2011 (Mirax Bldg., Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City) –The annual RIMA Sale is about watches, eyewear, appliances and more. Anyway, we sneak in to look for prescription glasses but the place is too crammed full. Almost everyone wanted a piece of something, we left without anything. I therefore conclude RIMA is not my kind of sale (bitter, hehehe… 🙂 ). By the way, these are few brands that RIMA carry Van Heusen, Izod, Timex, Giorgio Armani, Adidas, Esprit, D&G, Elle, Ray-ban, DKNY, CK, A/X, Prada Eyewear, Burberry, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu, Sharon, American Heritage, Home Couture, etc.

Rustan’s Makati –I finally got myself a new pair(s) of havie.


I decided to get two pairs to avail of the 40% off. The sale is until month end, so I still have a week to think if buying another pair would be fair. 🙂

Noel Discovery Bazaar at World Trade Center –it wasn’t part of our itinerary last Saturday night but we were a bit thorn between Greenhills and WTC, we choose the latter. Thank God that traffic was bearable and we arrived WTC in no time plus surprisingly parking was not a headache. Even the Bazaar itself was not jam-packed and moving from aisle to aisle wasn’t a challenge. 🙂


Husband and I had a quick snack before we went on getting around. And the usual fare –German sausages!  I had Hungarian while the husband sampled Italian this time, delicious!

Noel Bazaar had mostly items you normally see on tiangge –overruns, gift items, footwear, etc and bounty of food stalls. I’ve seen some satchels, the one in colorful trendy designs.

And these are my fab finds which are all reasonably priced.


No Boundaries knitted shrug P280.00


Motherhood blousy P150.00


Boyfriend Polo Shirt with small floral green prints P199.00


Peep Toe Ballet Flats Buy One Take One P580.00 

Husband got himself Hongkong brand tees, P150.00. I also got some H&M and Esprit tops (overruns) at P75.00 each.


Ok, I’m now guilty for breaking the rules. And I don’t know if I can ever keep my promise not to overdo the word shopping on the days to come. 🙂 

Happy Monday folks!  


P.S.  Some of the things would be gifts; I am starting to complete my list.



South Forbes Golf City, i heart you!

Ever since we got married my husband and I nestled at an apartment unit in the metro because of its proximity to our workplace. And typically we spent holidays and long vacations at my parent’s house in Cavite. That was it for the past six years though we always have plans of moving and getting our very own place, much we wanted a retirement house by the time we both come to age.

Sta. Rosa is a very idyllic place since it’s very nearby my favorite city –Tagaytay! And aside from it I have quite a number of reasons why I’ve been eyeing Sta. Rosa to become a retreat home or probably a chill out place every time we need a break from the busy city life. Count the fact that Sta. Rosa is closer to my hometown too.

Driving to Sta. Rosa every now and then I’ve noticed that more and more residential community has been developed. And what makes South Forbes Golf City a stand-out amongst is its Champion Location. I mean what else can you ask when everything is just around the corner –exclusive schools, hospital and my favorite commercial centers.

Do I need to mention that Paseo de Sta. Rosa houses my favorite outlet shops? 🙂

South Forbes Golf City is a dream to everyone I guess, so, I would indulge a little here because it’s the only thing boundless.  I always love houses with big windows allowing the sunlight to come in.  And Tokyo Mansions Edo House Model was the exact design I have in mind, clean and minimalist. Its Zen interiors that are focused on creating a calm haven from the busyness of the world are tailored for us.

Neutrals, earth-tones and a nature inspired colors for a more relaxing background. Simplicity is the key!  

I always go for the classic white and off-white colors which are simply appropriate and not distracting. It also helps to reduce the need for artificial lightning so in most cases it’s cost-effective.

Clean and simple lines, décor and furniture reveal high quality.

You see the natural places where pretension is not sought after –earth tones that are incorporated into walls, artworks, flooring and furniture. These are the perfect accent of a home you would want to spend the day lazing around while gratifying the placid surface of a Zen mind.

This is a no-brainer, no unnecessary electronics in the bedroom 🙂 

The Tokyo Mansions Edo bedrooms impression of peaceful sanctuary-like were just what my husband and I dream of. With the right choice of color, furniture and materials –a soothing retreat for us in no time.

The overall architectural design of Tokyo Mansions Edo House from walls, windows, roofs and landscaping are something else. As my husband and I aged, our preference reshaped itself –from a high rise condominium at the heart of the business district to a suburban residential community where there is green and serene atmosphere fit for our everyday life. 

I long for South Forbes Golf City to be our humble address 10 years from now –absolutely the Whole World in One City! What a big leaf? I told you it’s free to wish, so dream big time! 😀



*Photo Credits: for the Tokyo Mansion House Model


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