The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

pizza, pasta and more

Last night was an impromptu date night with my office colleague, C and J, we decided so quickly following a small talk over lunch break.

The venue was a favorite restaurant (my favorite 🙂 ) and I remember the numerous dining occasions we had here especially when my niece, SAM was aged 1 or 2. Buffalo Wings, Onion Rings, Baked Ziti –everything is so mouth-watering! Don Henrico’s is not just your typical casual Italian eatery, they offer more and they serve more.

I was delighted that a branch is nearby our office and at the same time it’s one of their stores that offer buffet lunch and dinner. I just couldn’t wait for 6:30pm and walk off, so, the three of us didn’t waste a single minute soon as we went out our post. It’s going to be another feast!

The spread wasn’t too many nevertheless what else can you ask, for me it’s practically all-inclusive and reasonably priced at P328.00+

Maybe because of too much excitement to nibble at once I didn’t take so many photos of the food. But these are my plates last night…

I started with green salad with Caesar dressing, a slice of pizza and potato wedges. By the way, Dip & Nachos is also available.

The second plate –classic carbonara, pizza and chicken ala buffalo. I love the tangy BBQ sauce of the chicken.

The third plate –spaghetti pomodoro (?), pizza and captain crunch fried chicken.

Though dessert was missing from the spread still it was fulfilling.

I promise to get a taste of DH once more –Mexican Deli, Baked Ribs wait for me! 😀

Until our next dining event!



Don Henrico’s
2ND Floor, Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
Tel. Nos.: 571-3911 ; 571-3912

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