The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

a short break with my family

I spent another busy weekend with my family and as I recap everything from Saturday to Monday (yes, we stayed for another day so we could spend more time with Bea) I couldn’t help but wish for a longer vacay especially this coming holiday season.

Saturday, I went on a “slight” shopping with Nanay in Makati. She was able to bring home her Christmas gift from Tatay. 🙂

Leoncio was all the time focused while its being demo-ed.

Maybe because of Nanay’s overwhelming joy she was so generous to treat us to lunch! We never had a hard time picking up the place because it’s a shared preference –The French Baker.

Complimentary Soup

What we had,

Swiss Potato Salad. Chuncky potatoes with their own salad dressing.

Fettucini ala Carbonara (in Spinach pasta). A Roman tradition consisting of cooked Fettucini pasta tossed in Carbonara sauce made with bacon and cheese-flavored eggs, sided with grilled foccacia slices or French garlic toast. Your choice of white or green spinach pasta.

Creamy Seafood Pasta Linguini. Fresh seafoods consisting of calamares, fish, shrimps and mussels in creamy white sauce sided with grilled foccacia slices or French garlic toast.

Hickory Spareribs. Juicy pork spareribs topped with Barbecue hickory sauce.

I wanted to order crêpe for dessert but because I ate more than what I usually consume I pass over.

Later that day, we drive home to Cavite with Angel’s Pizza for everyone!


Sunday, after lazing the whole day at home we drive to Tagaytay after dinner for a cold stopover.

And while Nanay, Tatay and Leoncio decided for Gilligans I order to-go from Starbucks.

Toffee Nut Latte and Triple Decker Cheesecake with Snickers –Love! 😀

Arriving home, we spent the rest of night goofing around with Bea. I miss her so much and moments like this make me long for a longer break even more.

I want Bea back with us but things are still difficult to deal with. And all I can do now is to wish that our neighboring family would soon pack up and leave. 😐

Momi and Dadi love you!

We left this morning feeling low, today starts another countdown on our next get-together.

Nonetheless, I love this weekend! 🙂


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