The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

triple chocolate roll, not cheap

I always love chocolate cakes, it easily pleases me every time I feel miserable. During my younger years, I would always favored Red Ribbon’s premium cakes than Goldilocks. And the favorite would always be Black Forest, even if the cake would melt and gets deformed as expected because of my lengthy trip to Cavite from University Belt way back in college.

These days when everything seems reasonable as advertised we have to very observant too. If you happen to see Red Ribbon’s commercial of Triple Chocolate Roll, you will surely agree that at P199 it’s the cheapest. I admit I was taken by the price alone. So, when I had the chance to drop by at Red Ribbon’s store in Robinson’s Galleria, I thought of buying one instantly. I didn’t check the glass chiller anymore instead I went straight to the cashier to pay for one Triple Chocolate Roll, I was surprised when the cashier notify me that the half roll is no longer available. At first, I was really wondering why she was telling me about it when in fact my mind is set to buy a full roll, at P199 it won’t give me any guilt at all. When I told her that yes, I am getting a full roll she immediately punched my order –P299 came out on the cashier’s terminal. Oh, I thought its P199 only? The catch which is placed in a very small print “half roll” –I felt I was tricked because the TV commercial and tarp displays a full roll. 😦

On a second note, I was so unmindful of the small details, so, I guess I need to be focused next time.


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