The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Bea’s Day Out at Picnic Grove

During the long weekend we squeeze in Bea’s day out as this one has been long overdue. I don’t want her to miss the city life –driving to malls and of course to her favorite fast food chain. We were supposed to leave the house as early as 6am however, husband was tasked to do some errand that’s why we have to delay it for the next two hours.

When in Cavite I can only think of one place that is perfect to walk her. It’s where everything is lush and the weather remains cool even on summer days.

Tagaytay Picnic Grove is bliss for our baby as the place is pet friendly.

We could have unleashed her at the eco trail if it was not too busy with people at that time. She would definitely love to wander on her own.


By the way, SAM and P joined us during this day out. Bea loves them dearly and the glimpse of them on weekends makes up the lonesomeness of being away from Dadi and Momi.

We wanted to stay longer if not for the sudden sprinkle. Moreover, I would want Bea to play around at the grassy bordering however, the place appears to be congested for running and ball catching. We left and promise her that we will visit Picnic Grove again.

Who knows she could even try the zip line or the cable car adventure by then. 😀

We didn’t went home straight, we dropped by at Summit Ridge to pick up my sister and we thought Bea would love to jump down for coffee, hehehe…actually, it were our tummies that complains terribly. We wanted something solid before hitting the road over again.

As always, TJ Hotdogs saved our cravings! 😀

And while rambling at the Promenade, Bea bumped with Royce, a young male Lab Retriever with shiny black coat.

I can’t help but pet him while he gives Bea some warm sniffs. I wanted him for my baby, Royce is so gwapo! 🙂

After a short exchange with Royce human we went ahead. Our last stopover excites Bea doubly; it’s been her favorite stop every time she rides with us.

Yehey! She got her treat and all I can see is happiness when Tita C fed her.

Isn’t she adorable?

SAM and P also got some fries and sundae and Bea can’t help but drool over as she waited for Tita C to give her some deep-fried potatoes.

Bea would always be our baby and as I write and recall our everyday life with her I can’t help but miss her more and more. We never treated her like any other dog; she is a very special one.



We look forward on spending Sunday and Monday with you again however, there are things uncertain apart from Dadi’s left foot injury 😦 .   I know you would understand. We’ll see you in three weeks time?  Always be good to Lola and Lolo and tell Ate Lisa that you need a bath this coming week. Find time to play with Ate Shen, and if Tonyo will pop around be nice to him; let him play your toys, ok?

Dadi and I are now thinking about your Christmas gift, we love you dearly! 🙂

Dadi and Momi


2 responses to “Bea’s Day Out at Picnic Grove

  1. docgelo November 7, 2011 at 8:59 am

    tagaytay! it has been years since i’ve been here. lucky you and your family for having good times there. nothing beats spending a long weekend with the family.

    and the photos of your precious bea being fed with burger are just awesome!
    never saw such before this; ang galing! she’s so trained. 🙂

  2. january November 7, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    tama ka jan docgelo, long weekend is meant for family bonding and we missed the happenings this time as we stayed in manila during the 3-day break. hay!

    bea loves burger and burger alone, and she is trained to eat bit by bit:D

    happy monday!

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