The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Happy One, DJ!

Like weddings, I look forward on celebrating birthdays.

And themed birthday parties always fascinate me.

Two weeks ago, my maternal family partied at my godson’s 1st birthday.

It was a happy occasion for everyone. And like the usual, it turned out to be a small reunion of our families.

All merriment as we rally around while the little boy blows his very first birthday cake. 🙂

See who sponsored it? Yea, my sister requested to put Bea’s name in its place. 😀

It just sad that our big girl cannot attend and join the kids take part in games, magic shows or even run for candies from the piñata.

She definitely would love to circle around like every kid and jumps to get goodies in the traditional pabitin.  

The event seems to never end for all of us.

As all of these happen, Ninang here wishes DJ a second great year.

This is just the first of many birthdays’ to come. 🙂



P.S.  Arriving home, our adorable was very delighted with her loot…

Woof! Woof ! (yan ang sosyal na bark Tita C  🙂  )


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