The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!


The recent BPI Big Outlet and Travel Sale was dry as I recall it and this is the first time we left the sale without a single purchase. Let me go through a little detailed,

Giordano Ladies and Bluestar had old stocks, been seeing those polo t-shirts every now and then +prices of Giordano Ladies tops were so OA. Imagine a knitted top priced at P6,500 down to P2,500++ yet still the piece is so expensive.  

Nike Golf had very few pieces on sale, bags are old stock too as you can see dirt on it.

Ipanema had pieces at P400 only but sizes were so small and limited.

Levi’s had lesser items and high-priced. I remember husband would normally pay only P1,500 or P1,600 on a pair of jeans however this time the prices were at P1,800++

I was surprised to see Apt 8 this time and I was eyeing this Olive Oyl long top however I got disappointed when I asked the price, at P380 I find it steep and I bet it’s sold at P250 only in their 168 Mall branch.

I was not a big fan of Melissa shoes the reason why I did not enjoy the line up despite its discounted rate.

At Devant, I thought we had a good deal considering that a 40-inches LCD TV is at P23,000 only from its tag price of P30,000 and a 42-inches at P28,000 from P33,000 (?) however when I called my Nanay it seems it was the existent cost because at SM Appliance Center it cost at P30,000 but the unit was bundled with speaker and player. I get back to the sales agent telling him about it and he told us that he would give us a good deal if we can visit the exhibit at Trinoma. He even called a colleague at Western Appliance who’s willing to match SM’s price. So, how is that? Well, we are not in the rush to take home the LCD TV so we left without feeling any regret because we’re not getting a super sale after all.

Talk about the Travel Sale, Hotel Elizabeth in Baguio offers Advance Purchase Promo at P1,000 only per pax on twin sharing per room night –such a steal however there is a proviso that there is a minimum 5 room nights per purchase. For somebody like me who normally visits Baguio once a year (or not at all) on a three day basis only this deal isn’t practical in any way.  

Really I was expecting that prices this time would be much lower compared to previous Big Outlet after seeing its circular that this time it’s up to 90% off but I have to conclude that everything is overpriced.

I didn’t go home feeling sick because I didn’t get any this time; I was saved by this delicious and cheesy serving of beef and eggplant lasagna from Inn Café. P95 single serve comes with a slice of buttered bread and fruit juice.

Now, I am thinking of getting a whole pan for the holidays as party and get-togethers will be plentiful then.

On a second note, I wish the organizers of the Big Outlet Sale would bring back brands like Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Sanuk, Crocs and Stella Luna.


We didn’t drive home right away because it was still early, husband and I were thinking of McKinley but eventually settle in Boni High.

I thought it would nice to wander other than sitting at a coffee shop however the crowd was overwhelming.

Apart from it was the thought of missing my baby because she loves this place though I am not so certain if she would be delighted to meet these English Sheepdogs or this Dobberman (owned and trained by Kier Legaspi, yes, the actor 🙂 ).

My attention was taken by a German Shepherd named Hershey (I wasn’t able to take photo of her); I was fascinated that despite her disability (she was deaf acc to her human) she was so playful all the time.

The more I get to see these canines the more I wanted to pull in this week so we could finally visit our Bea.

Husband and I get a late night treat at Brothers Burger before going home. How can I resist not to miss our baby when all things around remind us of her.

This one is another favorite of her 😦 . I really can’t wait to see her again…


3 responses to “BOS+BHS

  1. docgelo October 18, 2011 at 8:56 am

    the shopaholic in you was unleashed once more! don’t get me wrong, i am happy to see other people enjoying life as it is; so this one’s good for you, ms. elna!

    dito din sa penang, discounts and promos are as low as 70-80% off when they go on sale.
    we also have debenhams here one of your faves, i know. kaya lang sa KL pa ang paborito kong M&S. perhaps when i get to save a little before Xmas, sa pinas-M&S na lang ako mamimili ng kaunting workwear.. pag kaunti ang budget, sm na lang, hehe!

    so your lovely bea loves brothers burger? nice appetite!
    …my heart melted when you mentioned you saw a deaf dog. wawa naman.

  2. january October 18, 2011 at 9:26 am

    hahaha, i am not yet a self-confessed shopaholic docgelo (soon-to-be) pero wait i only splurge on outlet sale kase i don’t find mall sale interesting anymore lalo na si SM. and yes, Debenhams is a favorite store kaya inaabangan ko ang blue cross sale nila twice a year 🙂 .

    yea, i feel pity too for the deaf canine, she’s so malambing and plays like a puppy despite her huge built. i feel lucky that our Bea is healthy.

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