The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

my weekend to-be

There’s plethora of mall (and warehouse) sale happening today until Sunday and I admit I feel thrill as I read forums and reviews of those who went earlier. I feel the rush, Christmas rush as early as now. Well, it’s 72 days to go before Christmas Day and you know very well how Pinoys love to shop during this time of the year.

I plan to drop at Megatent and check The Big Outlet and Travel Sale but I don’t have specific item in mind –not a single thing. What I look forward is the travel sale and hopefully to score a good deal at OTP or Hotel Elizabeth or probably Microtel. I want to go on vacay that is all I wanted before the year ends. Besides, I have planned my shopping dates and destinations for this year + my gift list is still a work in progress. 🙂

There will be plenty of errand too this weekend –check Gola outlet store for Tatay, visit Iko’s Bakeshop and book for DJ’s birthday, visit Purple Oven and send one to an ex-boss. And I need more time online as promos and freebies are all over, I am behindhand of deadlines and submissions.

I need a busier sched to shun the thought of getting lonely. I miss our weekends with Bea at home.

Still a happy weekend to everyone dear!




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