The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

revisiting soon

mines view, circa 2006


The City of Pines would always be a dream destination for me. If asked why, foremost is the cool climate that set off by November and ends in April.

botanical garden, circa 2006


Second are the scenic sites that I would love to revisit again and again. And lastly, the food trip which I regularly include when travelling around.  

santa in town, circa 2006


Husband and I have plans as early as now to visit Baguio on Christmas time. It may not be exactly on Christmas Day but most likely in advance. And this time I would indulge on sampling Baguio fare –the main objective of this trip 🙂 .


I have bookmarked must-try eatery and so far my directory encases these places.

Little John in Mile Hi Center inside Camp John Hay. The famous baby back ribs would be on my list.

Star Café at Session Road. I read a lot of good reviews about their well-known Star Rice and Chinese food so I will definitely come around at this eatery.

Forest House at Loakan Road. They say that a trip to Baguio wouldn’t be complete without a visit at this warm and cozy restaurant+ Bagnet is a must-try, so, I will indulge a little over dinner at this place.

Good Taste Restaurant at Rajah Matanda Street. Chinese food would always be our comfort food, will certainly get there.

circa 2008


Don Henrico’s cannot be missed. It is a must stop for me at Session Road and I always look forward to a hearty and big Company Combo for lunch!

Atenara House superb All You Can Eat US Roast Beef with Salad and Pasta Bar would be a pleasant experience, mention crisp organic highland greens with homemade original salad dressings, sausages, meat and pasta –oh my! I cannot contain the excitement that runs to my vein now.  

And Sizzling Plate’s Porterhouse would be a treat!

choco-late de batirol, circa 2006


I would skip Café by the Ruins and Choco-Late de Batirol this time as we’ve been to these places in the past and considering that prices of food here are a little steep I would rather bring my budget to taste easy-on-the-budget Baguio’s homegrown restaurants.

I am currently Google-ing hotel buffets, I want to splurge! 😀



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