The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Bea’s Day Out in Greenhills and SM MOA

The previous Saturday was eventful for our big girl as she had a whole day out with Momi and Dadi. As always we look forward in celebrating the feast of St. Francis of Assisi because concurrence with it is the yearly Blessing of the Pets. We drive Bea to Greenhills for the blessing, which was like an express-blessing because mass was not served. After a short prayer the priest started blessing the dogs one by one. And because it happened so fast I didn’t capture it during Bea’s turn 😦 .

Look at how Bea behaved during the rite; actually she was so lazy to stretch down a leg 🙂 .

Since it was too early to drive to MOA where there would be activities for pets and pet lovers, we stayed a little bit in Greenhills while Bea enjoyed some play with a cream-Lab named Kookie.

The latter likes our big girl so much, however, Bea is quite a little annoyed every time Kookie would give her a snuffle. Bea can get a little snooty sometimes, sorry dear Kookie 😦 .

This is how Bea loves the limelight, all eyes on her as she takes center-staged.

Bea got a certificate from this event this time and freebies too, which I will post at the bottom of this entry 🙂 .

Thank you Greenhills Shopping Center! 🙂

It was lunchtime when we arrived at MOA yet the event (World Animal Day 2011) has not started so far. We took the time to have a quick lunch at McDo (because the place was too crowded, I didn’t make an effort to photo us while eating the favorite burger…).

We went back at the Music Hall of MOA where the event is supposed to happen. No sight of any activity still but there were few dogs (with their humans) and by-standers waiting for the event to start off.

Bea was feeling exhausted already so we have to calm down her every so often.

Let me fast forward a little bit the highlight of events in MOA,

Ms. Anna Cabrera of PAWS welcoming everyone…

I didn’t get her name even her dog who was wooing our big girl when they bumped into each other.

Mr. Jojo Isorena facilitated the dog agility demo by Better Dog Canine Behavior Center.

Small breeds doing their stint, they are considered the super dogs of the Behavior Center.

And while all these are happening, Bea was contentedly behind Dadi as they both watched the presentations. Not really behaving though because she would frequently give earsplitting woofs, possibly her way of applauding the small ones who performed 🙂 .

Despite the lack of activity for the large breeds, Bea enjoyed her time. Bea enjoyed people watching and she loved the occasional hugs and kisses, and pinches by those who cannot resist her cuteness, hehehe…

By the way, Pet Express gave free ear cleaning and nail cut. Thank you guys!

We bumped into these adorable babies too,

The Japanese Akita, named Hachi (named after the movie Hachiko)

The Shetland Sheepdogs.  

This is Rasha and I forgot the name of the bigger one.

The Aspin Club made their presence too.

And there’s plethora of toy dogs walking around.

We were supposed to stay for the Great Dog Dash (Fun Race for small and toy dogs) however, rain was getting harder. We feared that typhoon Quiel would trigger flooding too like Pedring, so, we exit MOA grounds and went home happily.  

Arriving home Bea was so excited to unpack her loot. Well, she got all of these goodies, which she will be sharing with Ate Shen and Pong (the Aspin in our neighborhood).

Thanks to Alpo, PAWS, Cara, Pet Express and to the rest of the sponsors of the World Animal Day 2011.




P.S. We are now discussing at home if Bea needs to enrol to BetterDog Canine BC for the Pet Obedience class…



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