The Month of the Heart of Winter

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Edsa Shangri-la spree: Breakfast in bed is service deluxe!

Breakfast in bed is one of the ultimate ways to pamper. And for me it would always allude to luxury regardless if it’s in a five-star hotel or in a standard-superior level.

The last add-on of our short break at Edsa Shangri-la was the Breakfast in Bed. I am such a big fan of it and the glimpse of the breakfast handout gets me rave for it even more. When asked what time I want it, I elatedly said 7am please! I didn’t consider that it would mean getting up earlier even though we are supposed to stay late in bed and slow down.

Mrs. F and I beforehand decided for a Filipino Breakfast for me and American Breakfast for her. I wanted to have an American set too but it would be exciting to sample both and go halves 🙂 .

Our room attendant was on the dot when he knocked at our hotel room to serve our breakfast. I was half awaked when I let him in while Mrs. F was still tucked on the bedspread. I immediately smell food, good food –I was completely awakened by the smell of breakfast. But it’s not all that, the cheerful greetings I got from the room attendant, who introduced himself as Nickel was notable. He maintained a responsive conversation while he set up the breakfast table, like giving me details about the food, asking me about our preferences and checking if we had a good night sleep. Despite his chatty approach, I didn’t feel getting annoyed. In fact his gesture fix up the failed experience we had at Paparazzi. Before he left, he ensure everything was in place and reminded me to dial Room Service should we need further assistance 🙂 .

Now, it’s my turn to scrutinize everything on the table top. I can’t help but drool over the widespread of breakfast fare in front of me. And I don’t mind at all if we didn’t get to try out a breakfast buffet this time – I am happy with all these deliciousness!

The American Breakfast

Sausages with choice of two eggs, we decide to have it omelette with cheese. All egg dishes come with hash browns, grilled tomato, asparagus and mushroom. Mrs. F wasn’t a big fan of hash browns and she continued to exclaim that if it’s good as this one she can eat it every day.

The Filipino Breakfast

I remember ordering Tocino but I was served with Longanisa Sausage (native ground pork sausages) and had the eggs fried sunny-side up nevertheless, it was so delicious. This set was served with garlic fried rice and pickled papaya. The rice serving is big so it’s just right for Mrs. F and me to share.

We both enjoyed these inclusions,

Chilled juices

Fresh tropical fruit platter

Cereals served with fresh milk


Basket of Assorted breakfast pastries and croissants

Waffle (This is part of the American Breakfast)

Coffee (no photo)

We didn’t get to finish everything in one sitting; we have to make breaks in between and decide to take home the assorted breads. The breakfast was so filling and a special start for us. I suddenly ran out of adjectives to depict the superb Breakfast in bed. And again, I don’t mind getting served with breakfast meal throughout dinnertime.

And lastly, I have to account for the second time that this mealtime turn out to be even pleasurable with our room attendant’s impeccable service deluxe. 🙂



P.S.  We checked out following that afternoon and this short staycation help out in getting ready for quarter end close. Such a nice way to recharge! 🙂

In passing, I let go of a chance of a lifetime to have a photo op with Manny Pacquio, yes! The man of the hour was also there but my team and I was literally star-struck as he and his entourage gets ahead. The next time I bumped with him, I would never let the chance pass by. 🙂


2 responses to “Edsa Shangri-la spree: Breakfast in bed is service deluxe!

  1. docgelo October 3, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    a hearty breakfast + a supposed photo-op with pacman =awesome day indeed!

    • january October 4, 2011 at 9:13 am

      for a breakfast person like me, this is so much grand docgelo 😀
      and yes the experience would be wonderful with a souviner pose with Pacman, hehehe

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