The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

the Christmas Season begins

The “ber” month formally starts today, yes, it’s September 1, 2011 to be exact! And like the previous years tis the season to be jolly! But before that I can’t help but remember Ina’s passing away last year, it was September too.  And ten days from now, us will be marking her first death anniversary. I miss you Ina and all the wonderful memories you left us. I know you can’t be sad; Ninang Elo and Kuya Bong are there to give out more love this time.

Well, life goes on for us! And for this eternally amateur writer-blogger, life is monotonous. I wonder when this cycle would come to end and change. Talk about change, I want one before 2011 bid goodbye. I want a major one but it would be impossible at this point, so, I would start with the small ones. Like, I can cut my shopping spree by December 😦 . You think I can do that? Let’s see if my prowess work!

I want a real stash! I wanted one, so, I’ll have something to pick up by the time I retire and decide to be a full-time mom to Bei, hehehe.

Okay, here’s what I look forward before year end —

A short out of town trip for husband and me, say a day or two.

A staycation with family.

A pretty much discounted hotel buffet with family.

This for now, let’s welcome the wintry weather and enjoy all the trimmings of the holidays!

A Merry Christmas to everyone dear 😀 !


P.S.  I already have my wish list, which I am posting very soon! Nothing extravagant this time 😀 


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