The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

just a family affair

Long weekend meant family gatherings and consensus to Sunday night get-together, my cousin’s wife and kid is home for a short vacay. So, we make use of the time to chill out, to chitchats, to toss down, everything goes as we brush the night away.

Dinner was prepared by Tita Bebot –dinuguan, fish fillet and ginataang hipon with veggies. It was after dinner that the family gets down and get drunk 😀 .

It was so much fun and it’s something I always look forward despite the physical separations, family issues and whatnots. Blood would always run thicker than water and that’s concluding.

Featuring the binge drinking, our turn!

Go with prawn crackers cooked by Tita Gie

Roasted chicken and pork belly from town plaza, yum!

The highlights,

Tita Josie and Tita Bebot Tanduay Ice match, guess who won?

Che, wala nyan sa Dubai so you should have sipped more…

Jena, what do you have there?

The big boys were drinking on the side too and probably discussing manly issues like facebook, tama ba Kuya Romy? hehehe

While the happening at the covered entrance never seem to end, Nanay, Tita Gie and Che decide to lounge at the living area. Hmmmnnnn, TV addicts 😀 !

And the kids prefer a more privy venue designed for their entertainment.

Oh well, I see occasions like this becoming very few and far between nevertheless, every get-together is pleasurable and momentous 🙂 .



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