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de-stress or distressed

And so it’s Friday, and while I keep myself busy at work for the last 4 days and completed what I have to as required, there are people who can’t be satisfied with it. Despite the effort, you’ll end getting a knock from them 😦 . Yea, it doesn’t happen just now, it’s been happening for a year and so and I thought I am so used to it. I know I cannot please everyone and I don’t intend to but I need some space. Do me a favor please and leave me alone! Oh my! I sounded cruel 😐 …

Anyhow, I am looking for a rewarding weekend to spend with Leoncio and Bea. Something that isn’t lavish yet moving. I have no particulars at this time, let things pop naturally starting tomorrow. I’d like to rush the coming workweek too and look forward on a 4 day off and away.

A sweet weekend to everyone dear 😀 !


cake pops, anyone?

On a recent trip to Starbucks (a week ago), I find these sweet lolly-like lovely, so, I had to get one for myself and another one for myself too 😀 .

I remember the chocolate coated one is Rocky Road and the other one, sorry, I lost memory of it. It comes in three variants but I had to stick to these two for reasons I don’t know, hehehe. Forgive me, I am too lousy today.


Anyway, it cost P45 per piece, and if you get 2 or more you’ll get each for P35 only.



Starbucks Photo Policy?

These days a camera comes handy as the mobile phone and for a blogger like me it is a necessity. Alongside with it, I take extra cautions in capturing photos especially in establishments I would be trying for the first time. On occasions I am not comfortable to flaunt my cam, I shoot discreetly. And when it say’s no camera allowed, I would willingly deposit my cam or put it back on its bag. However, things came out bad last Saturday night. If you were on my shoes and you’re being stopped from taking pictures what would you do?


There’s no doubt that Starbucks is the favorite coffee shops of many, and mind you my family and me are part of that coffee aficionado that frequents this coffee shop everywhere.

I cut the Starbucks store logo in photo

However, something happened that made me think a second. In fact I almost walk out of Starbucks because of it. I don’t know if it’s part of the store policy or SB worldwide but still for the very first time I felt bad while sipping a favorite latte. Actually, it was husband who was stopped by the security guard while taking photos of me and my niece SAM at Starbucks Rockwell. I didn’t notice the stoppage at first until husband told nicely the security guard that the logo was not part of the picture. Sorry but I don’t understand at all the warning.

We’ve been to countless branches of Starbucks and to document our visit we always have photos, so, I have no idea that such policy exist. How come nobody stop us from doing it before? Was those SB branches are just too permissive? It confuses me especially when no valid explanation was given why it was not allowed in the first place. I know asking a security guard would be pointless (sorry guys, I didn’t intend to demean the job), but most if not all security guards would always tell that they are simply following orders. SG is like androids for me 😦 . I hope SGs are briefed why it was not allowed at all so they can appropriately deal with it. Okay, I should have called the attention of baristas or even the store manager to seek out clarification but I didn’t, maybe because it was almost midnight then and I felt ready to retire not wanting any dispute after all. Nevertheless, I still need clearing up as this may happen again, so, I go for Google.

And found out that yes there was a Starbucks Photo Policy but if it’s global or not, I still have to probe. I find this blog post helpful in some way –Time to clear up the confusion over the Starbucks photography policy by

Customers may take photographs for personal use while in our stores.

Members of the media may not take photographs or film in store without permission from Starbucks Media Relations.


Anyhow, I still need to get info from the local folks. And please, can someone help define the Starbucks in-store photo policy?

I suppose you don’t want to be the next person who would be warned and disallowed. It’s not a wonderful feel I tell you 😦 .



Barbara’s, an old world elegance

Saturday was one hundred percent enchanting for as we (Nanay, SAM, Leoncio and yours truly) visit downtown for a change. Well, exactly I don’t remember the last time I stepped foot in Manila particularly in Intramuros.

The reason of this break from the usual Makati-Taguig routine, will sample the luxury of fine dining at Barbara’s.  

Barbara’s, the restaurant, opened its doors to public in February 1993 and its historical location across San Agustin Church became a perfect venue for celebrations following weddings, baptismal and birthdays.


The Ambiance.  As we walked in to Barbara’s you can imagine the old times, the Spanish era, the Guardia civil, the Don and Dona’s, the Insulares.

It’s like going back on the 1800 century.

I suddenly remember El Fili and the rest of its personae when this dining hall welcomes us.

High ceilings and crystal chandeliers

The furnishings if not antique were all replicas of the ancient times. The overall setting is definitely world-apart from the modern day shopping mall restaurants or even to five star hotels.

It was absolutely a different venue to experience a dinner buffet.

Truly, Barbara’s is a place reminiscent of old world elegance.



The Food. We enjoyed a traditional Filipino house specialties which include also include Soup, Pandan Rice, Pancit Sotanghon, Vegetable Fritter (Okoy), Fish Fillet, Chicken and Beef Caldereta. Except for the soup everything is appetizing.

I especially love the Chicken with Rosemary with an option to douse with Black Vinegar (Sam didn’t like this at all…)

And we end up the filling dinner with assortment of sweet something –Banana Sesame, Tropical Fruit Cocktail, Coffee Jelly and Buko Pandan.

Nanay and I enjoyed the Banana Sesame; we had more than two servings 😀 .


The Cultural Show. The highlight of the dinner buffet at Barbara’s, guest enjoyed an hour of traditional Filipino dances by the Dancing Scholars. I remember the same concept with the former Josephine’s Restaurant in Greenbelt, Makati.

It was an awesome experience to witness the grace and beauty of these young dancers while depicting folk dances.

And guests are invited to participate on our very own National Dance –Tinikling 🙂 !

Overall, this dining event is so worth my single penny. At P250 for each, I cannot say more. By the way, I paid only half because of the voucher I bought from Metrodeal. We our paid drinks too as this not part of the voucher.

I would definitely recommend this place to visiting friends from abroad!



Barbara’s Restaurant
Plaza San Luis Complex
Intramuros, Manila
Tel. +632 527-3893 / 527-4086
Opened every day from 10 am to 10 pm
Lunch Buffet with Acoustic Entertainment P395+
Dinner Buffet with Cultural Show P495+

it is Friday yet?

Too lazy the entire week and even though I was doing well finishing my entries for this week I still have plenty of backlogs online -promo entries which are all due 😦 . Oh my!

Anyway, I’ll be spending weekend with Nanay and SAM. They would visit tomorrow and will treat them to a dinner buffet downtown. Plan to do a side visit at nearby Fort Santiago if time would permit us. On Sunday, we might give McKinley Hill a second visit plus a side trip to Market! Market! and sneak in to its Mid-Year Sale (I wonder mid-year pa ba?). I know, I know I have to stay away from any sale for the next three months, hehehe…

To end, let me share you the good deal I got last Wednesday from CashCashPinoy.



I can see the weekend right around the corner! Happy Friday! 😀


Fr. Reddy, you will be missed!

Today Fr. Redentor S. Corpuz or Fr. Reddy to many will be laid to his final resting place in Imus, Cavite after his passing way on Aug 5.

He turned 65yo last August 1 and it was a shock for everyone when he died few days after 😦 .


Who is Fr. Reddy?

He is from San Jose Seminary, Ateneo de Manila University Batch 72

To Bishop Chito Tagle, his bishop and fellow Josefino, “Fr. Reddy was one of the best Josefino Alumni and an outstanding much loved diocesan priest just turned 65 years old three days ago.”  <source:>

He was the Superintendent and Director of Catholic Schools in Cavite at the time of his death

And for me Fr. Reddy is an icon of strength, a real “father” to many whose life has been changed, including my friend B.


My short recollection of Fr. Reddy,

Since my Nanay had been a former lecturer at Saint Gregory Academy and I used to tag along with her in campus, I had quite a few encounters with him as a kid. Though I can no longer recall any significant meeting with Fr. Reddy, his image of godly had inspire me. His gentle yet firm tone sound pious for me.

On Christmas Days, my family would pay him a visit at St. John Nepomucene Parish in Alfonso, Cavite where he served as parish priest for a long time.

When I went to the same academy in high school the more I came to know Fr. Reddy. He isn’t only the school administrator but more so, a leader of his own league. I account to him my academic potentials and leadership as I have been always part of the school delegations on summer camps and workshops. The school programs, which Fr. Reddy spent remarkable time and effort had been nurturing to all Gregorian’s. Yet, at this elevation Fr. Reddy continue to reach out.

Fr. Reddy’s connection to CEAP and other prestigious universities gave opportunities to fellow Gregorian’s getting hold of scholarship on college education. I wonder why I wasn’t given one, noh?  Kiddin’ aside, the favor was mostly enjoyed by deprived students during our time.

Remember my friend B? Yea, I told you so B was one of Fr. Reddy’s adopted. B was homeless, B was an orphan at the age 12 or 13 and when Fr. Reddy knew about B’s pitiable condition he welcomed B to stay with him in Alfonso’s rectory.  B was able to continue high school and was even sent to college. Though B would comment about Fr. Reddy’s being strict, B had many things to be grateful to Fr. Reddy. B’s most memorable with Fr. Reddy was when B runaway because B was reprimanded. As it happened, Fr. Reddy track down B’s whereabouts and merely say to B,  “Magtapos ka muna ng pag-aaral bago ka lumayas” . It was an eye opener to B, so, B went back on Fr. Reddy’s custody until B got a bachelor’s degree. B had gone a long way and all these years it was Fr. Reddy who make a big difference on B’s life. And B was not the only one; Fr. Reddy had been helping indigent youths get hold of their goals for a long time. That what makes Fr. Reddy a “father” to so many. So truly, that his sudden lost would be missed.   

Last Saturday at Fr. Reddy’s wake, I felt the lost of a great priest. The large number of people who went at the Bishop’s House was proof of his notable contribution to his community. As this lady speaker briefly says after the mass, “Job well done Sir, job well done Fr. Reddy!” . I recall how he look like on his casket, he was like sleeping soundly as everyone bid farewell to him. He’s rested for he knows everything will be all right.

Eternal rest grants to him O Lord.