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another buffet from Metrodeal

Saturday, when this deal was offered at Metrodeal I am so tempted to get at least two slots but until now I am half-decided. You may be asking why? That was after reading plethora of bad reviews from Metrodeal’s offering of Eat-All-You-Can-Dinner Buffet Ship Cruise at P250. In fact, I got 4 vouchers of that, which I already saved for December + another slot (for me) on September with my office groupie. Depending on the turnaround of events at the buffet ship cruise this September, I would push with my 4 more vouchers. However, if things would be exactly like the rest of those who availed it prior (with unpleasant reviews), sorry, but I would demand a refund for my 4 vouchers, Metrodeal 😐 .

On the lighter side, Metrodeal’s offering of Barbara’s was a good one. I sampled it days ago. I hope this new deal expires soon at kunyari nakalimutan ko na lang 😀




2 responses to “another buffet from Metrodeal

  1. John Ray Cabrera August 24, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    let me tell you how my experience was like: first, reservation is a pain. took me almost two days to have my slot reserved. second, they moved boarding place from MOA to CCP Complex at the last minute. i have to adjust my travel time. third, if they say boarding time is 5:30PM, it isn’t actually 5:30PM but 6:15PM. imagine the time waiting. fourth, food is not really that great. in fact, they chips is just Mr. Chips. and i don’t know with their nuts. the roast beef(which looks like tapa) is floating wityh grease but delicious nonetheless. the pasta tastes bland. but for a Php250 price tag, my main purpose of cruising there is an impeccable view of the entire Manila Bay at sunset. fireworks is an add on.

  2. january August 25, 2011 at 9:22 am

    I’m crossing fingers now that ours will be pleasant if not superb. Nevertheless, I would still account it as something else as this would be my first time to cruise along Manila Bay.

    Thanks for the detailed info 🙂 !

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