The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Yellow Cab Birthdays

It distressed me somehow that I have only have 48 hours to spend with people I love and the rest, well, spent it in misery 😦 .

Yay! Finally after a month husband and I were able to visit my family in Cavite. Like I told you the last time, I have no plans of going anywhere especially that rain was non-stop during those 2 days off. However, it is very hard to resist the tempting phone call of my cousins and the thought of Tagaytay, coffee sippin, chill out…

And just timely before the significant month of July bid farewell to everyone, we got to celebrate 3 birthdays in one (although they already had their individual celebrations)  -Irish (Jul 3), Jena (Jul 26) and Aejna (Jul 30).


The venue.

Even before leaving for Tagaytay, everyone decided for pizza. And given that it was dinner time it’s hard to miss the pasta. And chicken 😀 ….

Lately it’s not very hard to decide for Yellow Cab as kids are starting to love their flavors too.


And the food choices.

Four Seasons pizza, 18” party cut for everyone to enjoy. Cheese was a total hit for the kids while the Roasted Garlic & Shrimp was heaven for the grown ups 🙂

Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta is an all-time favorite.

Chicken Alfredo Pasta is the brand new favorite!

Fleet Starters, perfect combi of hot wings, baked potato wedges and tortilla chips (this became our perfect companion while waiting for the big boys to pick us later than night, read the extra happening below)

Cheese Quesadilla from the neighboring Army Navy

And Fearless Fried Chicken for the kids(from Army Navy too)

My dinner plate with everything on it 🙂

We didn’t save room for a hot brew that night instead we give in to our cravings -Ice Creams!

After a series of deliberations, we came up with Chocolate and Strawberry flavors 😀


The happenings.

A month is like a year for us, so we grab every occasion to make long chitchats and this time detailing almost anything that make sense and even those that are not, hehehe (tsismis galore!) 

We normally talk about families in general, how it was like before, then and now. Married life, the kids (even if I don’t have one 🙂 ), our piece of work and other opportunities. It’s comforting when people around you talked the same sentiments. I guess it helps to give a lift especially if these people are the ones you grow up with.

While these ladies (?) wonderfully shared stories after a hefty dinner, the big boys went there way at Casino Filipino to watch some rock band performs. We initially planned to join them however, the kids will not be allowed at the venue, so, we stayed and munched on the leftovers.

Three hours is three hours so we deal with more tattle to kill time. Guess who made the top list of our tsismisan? 😀

The kids equally kill time with non-stop plays and kulitan.

What do you expect when these three volt in together?

Mutiny! hahaha….

Our young lady readily poses for the cam 🙂 .

Because we seldom see each other these days, because we seldom sit together like this, mostly on occasion only, we make the most of our time. And as we call it a night and head home, we look forward on our next date night.


Happy Belated Birthday to the three of you!

Irish (is gettin’ the right angle this time 🙂 )

Jena (who’s always ready for the cam)

Aejna (who dislikes photo shoot most of the time, hay!)


We’ll see you soon everyone 😀 !



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