The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

impromptu dinner at Jack’s Loft

Thursday night dinner was spur-of-the-moment after I went out of the office feeling almost sick. Husband was willing to drive anywhere but I refuse to go beyond the San Juan-Mandaluyong area because rain might fall anytime and I simply want a quick-decent meal. 

He was suggesting Bubble Tea, which I really appreciate Honey but I was not in the mood to try a new resto. I want it on a separate occasion please for me to enjoy it fully, thank you 🙂 . Going farther, I saw Pho-Hoa and My Thai signboards and then Emperor, by that time I was already asking him to get a parking slot.

These would be good choices already however Jack’s Loft at the 2nd level made me decide on impulse.

And why is that? I have been to Jack’s Loft a number of times and kept on repeating the same dishes over and over again besides they serve sweet slices so I was more than willing to eat dinner and lounge a little.

I don’t know but I had a hard time ordering this time, I was thorn between pasta and rice meals. And rice meal won 🙂 .

Husband had Chicken Stir-Fry P155. Mongolian style stir fry combination of chicken, rice, vegetable, nuts and stir fry sauce. Being a fan of Mongolian mixes I was drawn to husband’s plate.

It was so lovely to my eyes; I almost asked him if we could swap orders, hehehe…

I had HK Style Baked Pork Chop P220. Fried rice topped with breaded pork chop, cheese and tomato sauce, baked to perfection!  I have to disagree about the “baked to perfection” description, it wasn’t 😦 !

See the soggy paste all over my plate? Is this what you called baked? And it’s all tomato sauce, I was expecting more cheese melts. Though at some point I have to agree with husband that the pork chop tasted good and soft, serving is quite generous because I even gave husband 1/3 of it.

Fishbowl Iced Tea P115 satisfied our thirst. It was like ordering a bottomless drink that husband and I shared on one big bowl. I love this one!

Death by Chocolate P88 completed this impromptu dinner.

I was expecting a richly dense chocolate cake with chocolate filling but it turned out to be dry, it was a disappointment 😦 , I should have assent with husband when he suggested Jack’s Cheesecake 😐 .

We didn’t stay long even if the place is relaxing. It sits nearly al-fresco with a grand view of Wilson Street’s commercial area. I bet this a good place to unwind over a bottle or two of beer or cocktails after a very long day. It’s just that parking would be a headache for some.



204 Wilson St. Addition Hills
San Juan City, Metro Manila
Tel.  +632 726-3582

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