The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Aling Banang (part 2)

After a week, husband and I found ourselves dining back at Aling Banang. I told you it would be a favorite stop since its location is down our way home.

This time I had the “silog” meal –Longsilog P55. I was content that the serving did not disappoint me at all. In fact the longanisa made me grin because it’s not the usual piece that is available at wet markets and even on supermarkets. I wonder what the brand is so I could sample it back home.

And husband cannot get over with his love affair with pancit so he got generous serving of Miki-Bihon P40. I only wish that Banang would come up with something to pair up with their pancit creations like“kakanins” 🙂 .

We have to repeat ordering the Halo-Halo Special P50 to end our reasonably priced dinner.

At times like this, where only rock salt can still be bought in bounty everyone should be practical but that doesn’t mean a break off from getting a little stopover once in a while. Enjoy life!



P.S.  I noticed that Aling Banang eatery has an improved menu board this time 😀


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