The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Aling Banang is now in Maysilo

I am happy that husband is no longer tied with too much work at present because that gives him ample time to pick me at work if not everyday, most of the week he does.

And what I love about is, we have time to eat out even on weekdays 🙂 . Last night, on our way home we decide to have dinner before hitting home. I was suggesting a chicken meal but husband immediately decline and remind me that we should skip eating chicken for now after the Chicken-All-You-Can treat at Max’s last Sunday night. He had his point so we dropped the idea.

Suddenly it popped to me that there’s a new eatery in Maysilo and if I am not mistaken it was the same panciteria where we frequently ordered at the office. I asked husband to slow down soon as we reached Maysilo so we could check it.

I was right, it was Aling Banang (Pancit, Halo-Halo, Tapsilog Atbp.)!

There were about two tables occupied when we arrived but since the place is substantial to seat enough customers we had chance to choose a nice corner. I went on the menu board afterwards and decide what to order.

Me think this is Aling Banang 🙂


Place your orders at the counter and Pay As You Order

Canton-Bihon P45, it’s a single order but the serving can be shared by two. There are generous slices of lenchon kawali on this plate.  

Lomi P45, it was served very hot and again there’s enough on this bowl. I half finished it.

Tokwa’t Baboy P40, it’s deliciously paired with anything 😀

And finale was Halo Halo Special P50; it has the right mixes which suit my partiality to this cold delicacy.

We also get Bei a pasalubong, Bulalo P65.  It’s not bad that we get to eat flavorsome noodles plus desserts at a very affordable price.

I hope that despite Maysilo flooding this eatery would stay behind. Aling Banang’s silog and sizzlers would be my pick on our next visit.


P.S. They are open 24 hours 😀


Mandaluyong Circle
Tel. 632 4099342
Delivery is 10AM-7PM only

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