The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Persian cooking at Kazam

Persian food doesn’t seem to ring on me at all but once in a while it’s not too bad to sample its distinct flavorings. Last Friday night after work, husband and I together with my sister decided to give this kebab house a try following its many reviews and offering discounted coupons on group buying sites. It must be one good dinner to account 🙂 .

Upon entering the mini-eatery the smell of roasted meat will welcome you and since the place is small you could easily sneak in the food, which are enjoyed at the table next to you 😀

Since my sister had try out a different kebab house ahead of this date, she was pretty accustomed on what can be found on their menu book.


Our set,

Shawarma Wraps P60 –sirloin beef strips, tomatoes and onions. I love their shawarma however, I was looking for some flavors on the garlic white sauce.  

Ox Brain P65 –no doubt it’s not recommended for people with high cholesterol because this side dish is very high then again my sister finds it so yummy with lime. I fork once and never again, but really there’s nothin unpleasant about the taste just the texture.

Hummus P40 – chicpeas with tahini, garlic and olive oil. Chicpeas are very low in fat on the contrary it’s very high protein, so, take it on a minimum. This could be dip for your pita bread.  

Shawarma Rice Meal P75 –sirloin beef strips with chopped tomatoes and onions served with buttered rice.

Chelo Kebab Barg P140 –one stick of tenderloin served with buttered basmati rice, grilled tomatoes and onions. They serve the tenderest and I love the grilled tomatoes lightly brushed with chili sauce.

Pita Bread P10 each

Overall, the food isn’t bad but I cannot say it’s outstanding. Maybe I still need a little more encounter with Persian cooking to fully appreciate its diversity.  



Kazam Kebab House
314 Maysilo Circle Mandaluyong City

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