The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

End of Season Sale

After our attendance at Doggie Love in Mercato yesterday (and after we dropped by Bea at home), husband and I drive to Ayala Center to peek at Debenhams’s End of Season Sale. My plan was merely to check the stocks however, my impulsiveness paved way soon as this pair fits me oh so well 🙂 .

Red Herring Pincer Point Leopard markdown is 50% less another 5% because of my Debenhams’s Loyalty Card, so, I paid P546.25 only for this Shoe-licious pair.

And since Marks and Spencer is just a few levels away, we made a side visit too. I had a hard time deciding when I had my eye on this Patent Platform Court Shoes. I know my collection is getting bigger and I need a good shoe rack to stock them all comfortably. But tell me how I can say no, when this pair would just cost me less a thousand and would give me a sound sleep later on. After a few try-ons, we paid and left M&S as I might find another good deal which, maybe very hard to resist 🙂 .

Court Shoes in Black P875, its lining gives additional comfort despite the high heels.

I am not much into high heels but this one is contemporary and would look good on our new set of uniforms.

We still have plenty of time to laze around the mall yesterday but with the many sales around I might go home penniless so we skipped Gap and Dorothy Perkins. I still need to save some for the Blue Cross Sale.

The next rewarding thing is stacking up supplies –food, chips, toiletries, etc. We end up at The Landmark Supermarket to get all the necessities. I miss doing grocery at The Landmark so we spent plenty of time on each aisle.

And before we went home at 6pm, we savor a tasty dinner at Classic Savory.

I know following this weekend, husband and I need to be a little sensitive on our spending as life would be not easy as before.

Still, Happy Monday everyone 😀



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