The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

the 1st Friday of July

Hi, it’s Friday once more. Another busy workweek had ended and another quarter concluded in a snap yesterday. I still had hang over of the past weekend and I suddenly felt sick yesterday making me missed a press launch. Hay! I haven’t written an apology mail yet to Ms. Abby for missing her event. I’ll send it on Monday, promise 🙂 .

As this writing gets longer and unending, I am getting ready for dinner with Leoncio and Che. I’m just waiting for them to pick me up at my office; we are sampling a kebab house at Maysilo.

Okay, tomorrow I will have the whole day to blog. Well, that is if my mood will be sunshiny as the sun otherwise I will opt to tuck myself in bed the entire day.  

And on Sunday, we plan to give Bea a trip to this Sunday market thing.

Sorry but I need to cut short now.

Meltykiss box was husband’s pasalubong the other night -sweet!


Have a smoothie weekend and a “Melty Kiss –es” to everyone dear!



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