The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

short ride to Tagaytay

Like I’ve been telling you, finally we were able to enjoy a three day off, so, thank you P-Noy for declaring June 20 as a special non-working holiday. Thank God that this government give Rizal a recognition following his 150th birth anniversary.

Since husband and I wanted and waiting dearly for this break, we packed and drive South to see my family on Saturday. And though rain was non-stop that day it didn’t hamper our plans of getting around Tagaytay soon after dropping our things. I was expecting to enjoy a colder Tagaytay but I didn’t succeed on getting a big chill. And that shorts and tee are still wearable even with the gloomy weather.

Expect a foggy highway during these rainy months, so, be sure that your headlight is working when you plan to drive to Tagaytay.

Our first stop was at the Mahogany Market, my Nanay have to buy beef meat because she’s treating us back home with her Bulalo recipe. Yey!

Next stop was at Robinsons Summit Ridge, grabbed some Buy One Take One breads at Le Coeur, bought some dumpling wrappers and ended our spree with hotdogs.

I didn’t push my wanting to give those thrift shops a glimpse; I know I might end up buying something again –reminder to self: any form of shopping is totally uncalled for the next two weeks. Period!


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