The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

NIC’s, the taste test

The visit to Nic’s Gourmet Desserts happened so soon –it happened on Independence Day, and before I knew it I was having a small feast in front of me. Before placing our orders, I fairly delight my eyes on the spread of bread, cookies, cakes and cake bars –everything looks so luscious 😀 !

The bakeshop interior is dominant with white colors that make the bakery even stylish is not a miss, there were about 4 tables for dining guest and 2 bar chairs (behind me) was an added charm. Husband initially wanted us to stay on those high chairs but I resisted because I might end up drooling on those M & M Fudge.

Okay, we finally decide on a cup of Latte for me and Cappuccino for husband. The cup was served to us after a few minutes.

I was expecting a hot foamy latte but it wasn’t 😦 and the brew wasn’t a hit as well. I pretend to husband I was enjoying it of course, hehehe…

Anyway, I asked for a Classic Chicken Sandwich and expect that this will be made upon order however, I was told it’s not available and instead direct me to check the chiller.

Tuna Dill on whole wheat ciabatta 4’s P125 -husband said it was okay however, i wish the ciabatta was bigger and dill is more visible because I didn’t see any at all.

Cinnamon Roll P60 -this is much smaller compared to SB, though it’s less sweeter.


The choices were not much; I picked Tuna Dill and got a Cinnamon Roll, asked the wait staff to warm. It took them more than 5 minutes to serve the Tuna Dill and another few minutes on the Cinnamon Roll. I wasn’t complaining, for a newly opened Café this could be very normal.

I wanted to lounge but since we were the only customer I feel uncomfortable, so, after finishing our food I went in the counter and asked for our bill. For some reasons, I give the premium cakes a second look.

Mango Shortcake 6″ P380 -i don’t want to think that because it’s not expensive I should expect less on this round of cake. 


The Mango Shortcake was so lovely in my eyes. I am decided on getting one but before that I asked the wait staff if the cake is okay to store at room temp for another 2-3 hours because we are still going to Makati later on. The Chef disclosed that maybe it can stand for an hour only because its chiffon made and the icings might melt down. I took his word because I had experience the same with a favorite Mango Cake from a favorite bakeshop 🙂 . Despite the Chef’s word I got one Mango Shortcake and one Mega Cheese Bread. (Later on, we decided to drop the box at home before going anywhere)

Mega Cheese Bread P100 – arriving home, i was telling myself that this one is pricey.


We paid P835 all in, not bad at all considering we have coffee, sandwich, pastry and a 6” cake. Though, I had to admit that the experience is not impressive. I cannot even tell what their best seller is because none from the bakeshop recommend/suggest something. I would probably give NIC’s a second visit but not anytime soon.


P. S. Another favorite bakeshop in Pasig had bite size of their pastries for customer’s to sample, I see this as a good idea  and maybe NIC’s can consider doing that too 😀


NIC’s Gourmet Desserts
172 A. Mabini St., Brgy. Addition Hills
San Juan, Metro Manila
Tel. +632 715 5831/716 0321

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