The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Ge and Den’s Homecoming

After three years finally the homecoming, Saturday night was another remarkable happening as my good friend Ge and his wife Den come to PI for a short visit. It wasn’t a surprise because we’ve been in touch with facebook a day before their arrival.

Gerald Tayas June 9 at 8:12am Hi Elna! Are you free on saturday night? as well as Gem and George? Let’s meet guys…arriving in Manila this coming Friday night.

January Lau June 9 at 7:03pm i talked na to both of them, blocking Saturday night for you bro. pls sms me time and venue of meet up. happy trip!

That was so soon but knowing the group, they can make plans happen in a second and call off any sched for Saturday night. I got Ge’s call few hours after his plane landed in Manila and set up the venue. He still knows the comfort zone of everyone –Makati of course!

He picked Gerry’s Grill.


Time check, I left my office earlier so I can make it on time. And five minutes before 7pm I was already passing Ayala Avenue when I got Ge’s sms about his coming a bit late so I slow down because I wouldn’t be late after all 😀 .  George was already on his 3rd bottle when I met him at Gerry’s, oh my, it’s because he arrived 30 minutes earlier he had no one to keep him company except those bottles of SMBs, hehehe. Anyway, husband arrived few minutes later (thought his not coming, thanks Honey for finding time 🙂  ) .

It’s been a while since I last meet the group, so, we had a good start of catching up over bottles of beer and some starters.

Over the years Gerry’s uphold the name that serves grilled seafood and Filipino favorites. It’s no wonder that it has been a favorite spot of get-togethers or simply group wanting to unwind after a hard day’s work.

After an hour or so of waiting for Ge and GP, I decided to order us dinner. I felt hungry so don’t be surprised if I order more than what we can really eat.

All the food came appetizing more than how they appear to my senses except for that Sinigang na Hipon, which was a disappointment for me. The shrimps weren’t fresh and they look so pale 😦 .

The three of us (George, husband and me) was about to finish dinner when Ge arrived with wife Den and lastly GP who arrived few minutes later.

with my three G's in 2006


It was a very elated reunion of my three G’s (George, GP and Ge) and I was happy that this day happened again.

And it’s because Ge and wife had been used to the cold weathers we transferred to the AC area and give in to Ge’s special request. George c’mon, we have no choice he’s paying anyway, hehehe 😀

Ge's despedida in 2006


Ge had been my “bestest” among the G’s because we were batch mates in the old company as well as on our debut on the alliance that shape us to become what we are now. He had been my gimmick buddy, someone I can call when I need a ride, hehehe…seriously; he had been was the brother I never had.

Ge and Den, the younger years


Ge and Den 2011


And his wife Den was the evenly sweet girl I first met 9 years ago in Gerry’s Grill Jupiter branch, I hope my memory serves me right 🙂 .

Overload of beer alongside the never ending discussion bringing back the old days. How I was before, no sashimi, no squids please not until Ge introduced me that those seafood were edible, in fact, too deli!  I realized that I missed half of my life believing that sashimi and squids are my enemies.

GP still believes that this calamares would put him down 😀 .



Our younger year, way back Piltel and Piltea bring to light every time we sit down and moment like this go on. It’s never ending I tell you. Kami pa 😀 !

I only have good things to express with these people; they had been a family to me during the best times moreover at my trying times. And I am counting eternally that our friendship would stand still in spite of our physical separation.  

Ge and Den would be here in PI until the 27th and we are still looking forward to another meeting. I hope the couple could squeeze Talyer nights to their very busy sched. And its GP’s birthday too, it’s going to be a party!


P.S. I got few photos of us during that night because I was taken by all the stories and laughters, I’ll do better on our next meet up 🙂



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