The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Why I Want a Date to Chef Tatung’s?

Like Dainty Mom I love writing except that I am no match to pros like her 🙂 . Despite that I love my own, because it depicts my inner psyche and this online journal became my ticket to treats and trips.

Yea, I pretty love freebies, who doesn’t anyway, eh? And when I stumble upon this contest I felt excitement. I feel the need to test my fate again, crossing my fingers now…

And if I would be asked, ‘Why I want a Date to Chef Tatung’s?’  My modest response would be –It would be a privilege to dine and get know the chef behind the sumptuous dishes that are famous for its world-class presentation despite the fact that he chooses to use local products. And aside from his fresh offering, my husband and I would definitely enjoy the homey setting.

This romantic dinner would be another history for Husband and me, given that it is located in a suburb part of Quezon City it would be a breakout from our comfort zone which is Makati-Taguig.

Wait, Dainty Mom is holding this contest and we should thank her in advance 😀 .



Following is the Mechanics on how to join:

1. “Like” the following Facebook pages:

2. Write this on Dainty Mom’s Wall: “Win a dinner for two thanks to @Chef Tatung and @Dainty Mom,” and tag two friends. Remember to include tags to Chef Tatung’s and Dainty Mom, otherwise your entry won’t count.

3. Write a short blog entry with the following topic: “Why I Want a Date to Chef Tatung’s.” Don’t forget to mention that Dainty Mom is holding this contest. You can make the entry as brief as you want, just make it interesting! (Those with no blogs may write a Facebook note and tag Dainty Mom on the note.)

4. Leave a comment on this entry, posting the following items:

  • Your name and email address
  • The Facebook permalink with your Wall post
  • The link to your blog entry (or the link to your Facebook note)


Deadline: Entries must be posted by 11:59 PM, June 19, 2011.




Husband and I can’t wait for this private dinner for two. May God help us win 🙂 .



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