The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

happy life, Friday loves

Friday night was back to typical dinner-coffee with husband +my sister. I skipped taking photo of our dinner because I was dead hungry already and any stoppage would be a crime, hehehe. Besides we took dinner at The Landmark food station so, picture taking may be insignificant. Oh no! don’t misunderstand me just because I said insignificant. In fact, dinner that day from Davao Tuna Grill was appetizing. Burp 🙂 !

After dinner, we moved to 6750 for dessert. Sister and I skipped ordering coffee because we felt bursting from the sinigang broth we had for dinner. And since I was craving for sansrival the other night, any cake slice would be a treat!

Chocolate Cake P105 for my sister C

Slice Mango Yogurt Cheesecake P110 for Me

And husband had a short Hot Mocha while alternating dipping his fork on our heavenly cake slices 😀 !



Earlier that day, I bought P’s school trolley bag and SAM’s thermos lunch kit. They will be back to school on the 13th. And even if I am no longer attending school, I got myself something. This!

photo source:


I got this pair (actual photo to follow) on sale at Forever 21 SM Makati and this helped me in some way forget the shocking disclosure I came across. Well, you must know that making regular trips to the store may be a sign of healthy aging. My shopping therapy now is justified, case closed 😀 !




People are complicated but relationships don’t have to be. There is a simple formula for a happy marriage and a happy life.  




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