The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

the big move + the small fête

Like I told you we didn’t get to celebrate my Nanay’s birthday the way we initially planned it because of the many impromptu happenings over the weekend.

Arriving home last Saturday afternoon without the sight of the kids was different, I was used to hearing them shout in excitement “Ninang!” and our old house suddenly had an eerie feeling –cold and empty. My sister’s family had freshly moved to a new address, which stands nearby however, because I was so used to having them around all my life, I felt the separation. Adjustment may take some time for all of us.

Okay, so after a late lunch and even before I get drowse that afternoon we went to visit my sister’s apartment house. It was actually a cousin’s house, which had been abandoned for almost 10 years (?) after the family got broke (it’s a pretty long story). I cannot even remember the last time I set foot on it and its pitiful now to see how time ruins the once solidly built bungalow. 

peeking at my sister's new address


The ceilings were badly damaged because of water leaks and most of the furnishings were no longer functional this time. Major repair is considered-necessary. However, my sister and her family see this place as a haven as they start a new life on their own. And we can only hope for a blissful living as they go along and cope with this survival-based independence.

SAM's guests during the house blessing


and P's guests


Anyway, we stayed until late night and went back the following day because they had the house blessed (as advised by the elders). Though I didn’t make it during the house blessing because I was too sluggish to get ready, husband and I made it just in time for lunch 🙂 . And because Nanay was engaged with the busyness of the moment, we had a hard time excusing ourselves so we left my sister’s house behind schedule.

We first dropped at Savemore Supermarket before anything else, and then off to Olivarez Plaza for my slight shopping therapy 🙂 . I got 3 items this time for P345, it wasn’t an absolute bargain nevertheless it makes me happy 🙂 . I wanted to check more stores but my Nanay was worried that my nephew, P, had fever so husband and I immediately went back at the parking area and decided to drive home. But hey! Little boy wasn’t sick, I guess he’s just drained after the running and naughtiness he exhibit while at the supermarket. He really can’t be sick at all, in fact he insisted our dining somewhere else before going home and surprisingly he asked for pizza. We complied of course and move to Yellow Cab.

Since my preference was to eat rice I was not in the mood to nibble pizza so I just ordered the kiddie-friendly Classic Hawaiian flavored 18’’ and Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta for us (Nanay, Leoncio and I) to share.



This dining occasion became our small treat to Nanay.

If we have more time to spend I have other plans, maybe we could go malling, we could visit a salon and we could have eaten at a favorite resto.

Anyway, I look forward on the forthcoming three days off this June. Husband already agreed about driving south for two consecutive weekends 🙂 . Bea and I can’t wait….



P.S. My rebel baby is back in good shape after a momentarily shut down 😀


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