The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

so uncertain

I am currently writing from my office today because I feel I need to write my feelings as this day go on. I went to work late but I didn’t expect that my 10am meeting would start at 9am, so, I miss some part of it. Anyway, I didn’t miss the highlight. Back at my post, I’ve been hearing people about a salary raise. Oh, this must be the day! I waited for a year you know but I couldn’t feel any thrill at all. Siguro lumipas na sa kakahintay :(. Even after getting the official announcement I couldn’t feel any boost. It’s like, ah okay eh di thank you. I call no celebrations for this. I will go with the flow because it’s the only option I have now. Me M? Let me believe this is truly happening soon as I get hold of my papers. Nakakapagod umasa 😦

Okay, tomorrow I’m off to a lunch-social with one of our suppliers. I have second thoughts but I know my girls wanted to come and experience this hotel buffet. And to show off how I appreciate that the invite was extended to us I need to go. Tomorrow’s event would be “sinfully”.

After work tomorrow, I am considering a trip to McKinley Hill. I just wanted to stroll and people-watch. I haven’t done this in months. I need one please; something is bothering me during my idle times. There were stories on my head and this giving me delusions at night. You think I need to see doctor?

I will be away during the weekends to mark a special someone’s birthday and I’m giving her a small fête. I want it to be small and private but I want it to merry like last year. I still have until tomorrow to get into details.

I’ll be off in a few minutes from now, with heavy heart, with disappointments; I don’t want to puff this story to husband tonight. Let me keep it for now.

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