The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

ramdom Sunday things

Husband and I were supposed to have lunch in Citta Italia last Sunday however, I felt heavy and sleepy, so, I decided to stay late in bed and call off our attending. I got tired during our visit to EK and I felt that the sun’s heat drained all my power. Sigh!

Anyway, it was mid-afternoon when husband and I decided to drive to Makati.  First thing is to have something light on the tummy. We decided for French Baker at The Landmark bridge way.

I was supposed to order a sandwich but later on get Soup on a Bread Bowl except that I requested the soup served separately instead of stuffing it on the bread. Bread was sliced.

I like it this way because we can eat the whole bread not setting down the crunchy outside. I wished more butter without extra charge 😀 .

Right after, I went around the home section of The Landmark and bought pillowcases (this has been long overdue) and get around Ayala Center’s home furnishing shops looking for wood chairs to match up our dining table. One of the old chairs had already breakdown.  I failed to found any, so, I need to make a trip to Paco furniture shops this weekend.

Before we went home, we had dinner at Glorietta 4 Food Choices. I give in to husband’s craving of seafood. We had Salmon Head (stew) and Tuna Belly (grilled) from Sizzling Seafood’s.

And ended dinner with mango crepe from Crepe Light, which I find pricey and second-rate compared to Crazy Crepes.

Back home, I was pleased that the pillowcases I bought came out perfect. And husband says I should buy another set, ikaw ba yan Honey? hehehe…

We retire early that Sunday night leaving this nutty photo of Bea wearing her new headdress 🙂 !


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